Pest Control Mississauga: How to Hire, Tools Used, and Methods of Extermination

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Before the 1800s, pest control was mostly used to protect crops. pest control Mississauga revolves around protecting one’s home against pest infestation. The pests involved can range from rodents and snakes to smaller flying insects like flies, mosquitos, and cockroaches. In some cases, households may use pest control which they can apply themselves. However, once in a while, it is helpful to call in the professionals.

Pest Control

How to hire

Professional pest control Mississauga is necessary when you, as the homeowner, feel like the pest control solutions you are using are no longer working. This could mean that the pest infestation in your home has gotten out of hand, and the population of the pests could be affecting the health and safety of your family. Some families also seasonally hire professional help for pest control Mississauga just to make sure that a professional has inspected the area for pests, as a preemptive measure.

Whether you are hiring an independent pest control professional, or hiring a big company for the cause, it is important for you to make sure that the pest exterminator is licensed. This will mean that he will use measures which are both humane and mostly eco-friendly. When you hire big companies, it is imperative that you choose a company whose employees are bonded.

This way, the company can compensate you for any damages done to your property during pest control.

Common Tools Used

There are a number of tools used for pest control Mississauga. For bigger pests like snakes and rodents, traps are usually the favored tools. These can be spring-loaded, multi-traps, or electronic traps. You can opt for no-kill traps wherein the big pests are caught and then released into the wild later on. There are also bait-loaded traps wherein the idea is to lure the pest into taking in poisonous elements which would eventually kill it. There are also simpler sticky traps for flying and crawling insects. Fumigation is used in cases when the pest population is big, it is necessary to seal off the house so that poisonous gas can be released. You will need to vacate the area as well, though, because fumigation can be risky even for human health.

Eco-friendly and humane methods

No-kill traps belong to a method of pest control Mississauga labeled as humane and eco-friendly. This is because this method does not harm the pest or animal involved, and it does not harm the environment either. There are other methods under this category, but sometimes they require that the pests be killed in the process. They are:

DE – Also called Diatomaceous Earth. This is made from skeletons of algae, and work by melting away the outermost waxy parts of pests.

Biological agents- this is done by introducing predatory insects into the affected areas like nematodes and mites.

Other limiting methods-These methods of Wild Control Mississauga do not kill the pests but prevent them from entering the home. For flying insects, screens are usually installed on windows. They can also be prevented from infesting the home by cleaning and cutting off their food source. Plugging gaps where the pests enter the home is also part of this method.

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