Pest Control Services Include Preventative Measures

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Probably one of the more annoying problems of owning a home is getting rid of pests. Pest control specialists offer services that control the infestation of hornets, wasps, mice, rats, cockroaches, birds, ants, squirrels, or fleas. They also make sure that any of these types of pests will not return to your premises. So, when you choose a service, make sure that they provide services in both control and prevention.

Keeping Mice and Ants Away

For example, when mice want to enter a home, they often find gaps in a house in which to make their way inside. So, proofing the separations in bricks should prevent a future infestation of this type. When it comes to ants, it is a good idea to keep your leftover food stored in a jar or plastic container with a rubber seal. By using airtight containers for food, you will keep ants away.

Seal Any Holes Inside or Outside Your House

You also should examine your office or home for any holes in the foundation, vents, or walls. If you do find these types of damages, seal them immediately as they invite the entry of such pests as cockroaches or termites.

Other Preventative Measures to Take

In addition, Essex pest control technicians advise homeowners to keep bushes and trees away from their homes as these types of plants make it easier for a pest to get inside a structure. Also, it is helpful to fix leaking appliances, taps, or pipes. Any pooling of water tends to attract pests.

Add Screens to Windows and Storm Doors

Property owners should also clean their tables, floors, and countertops routinely as the activity will keep food and crumbs from building up and drawing pests such as mice or ants. Including screens in storm doors or windows freshens the indoor air and also keeps pests out of the house at the same time.

If you have any scraps wood outside you house, get rid of them. Also, try to keep your house free of clutter. Pests love to settle in darkened areas. So, any accumulation of clutter also invites pests into these types of spots.

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