Professional Skip Services for all of your Disposal Needs

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Household garbage is one thing, but there are times when projects arise that create more waste than your household trash can is made to handle. In these cases, it is advantageous to hire a skip. Skips come in a variety of sizes that make hauling off unwanted materials and trash a breeze.

Skip Services for Hire

A skip is a large open topped container that is custom made to fit onto trucks for pick-up and delivery, as they are too heavy to move by hand. Affordable skip hire services in Croydon offer a variety of skips to fit any size project. Skip sizes include:

  • 2 cubic yard skips – great for gardens and small projects. Holds approximately 30 trash bags.
  • 4 cubic yard skips – great for one or two room renovations, such as a kitchen and a bathroom. Holds approximately 40 trash bags.
  • 6 cubic yard skips – great for general construction jobs. Holds approximately 60 trash bags.
  • 10 cubic yard skips – great for larger construction projects, industrial and household waste. Holds approximately 80 trash bags.

Additional services include the wait and load service. This means the professional waits while the skip is loaded, and then, it is hauled off immediately.

Why Choose the Professionals?
The friendly knowledgeable staff can help advise you on the size skip needed for the job at hand. Once a skip is ordered, the staff strives to provide the skip the very same day for convenience. Skip permits normally last for 14 days, and the pick-up is available anytime needed in those 14 days. If the client needs the skip longer, the expert staff will ensure that the proper paperwork and permits are obtained. Placement of skips is important. Depending on where the placement needs to be, permits and permission may be needed. The professionals can help, advise and make sure you have what you need.



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