Protecting Your Home with Roof Ventilation

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Manufacturers have created ways in which roof ventilation can be both effective and attractive. In fact, to make this aspect of your roof look good, it really has to disappear. Many individuals dislike the look of vents that stick up, often in contrast to the overall colour of tiles or slate.

Camouflaged Ventilation

In this case, camouflaging your vents is the best advice roofers such as NRC roofing Southampton can give, especially when you are already giving your home a makeover and are going to replace the other tiles of your roof. Among interlocking red clay tiles, there is a style of vent tile that locks in place like the rest of them. It can sit flat against your roof, the same as the others do.

Some items are slightly raised, like little tunnels against grey slate. They have a rounded exterior but their rise is only slight. The main thing is that they interlock with the other materials.

Cowl and Roofline

 Two more types of camouflage ventilation are the cowl and the roofline. Cowl ventilation is like putting a cap on your roof. It sits almost flat against your roof and comes in many styles and colours. Fit one of these to plain tile or a pan tile (wavy) to let the air and moisture out of your roof.

 A roofline vent extends the length of the roof’s peak, like a second layer, but it is performing a function. Although debris and water are prevented from getting in, air can come out easily. The roofline vent is barely noticeable.

 Roofers also supply and install discrete eave vents. For flat roofs, they are going to install the traditional form of roof ventilation that sticks up, like a little chimney.

Roof Ventilation


 Venting a roof requires more than just the vent itself. Roofers will ensure the underlay is the right sort for the job and are also concerned with sealing, especially if a vent is not the interlocking sort. It is important that venting does not mean losing energy efficiency or allowing water into any part of the roof. If this happens, the vent will have created more harm than the good it did you.

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