Questions to ask before hiring a contractor for your home project

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Visualize finding a home contractor similar to finding a date—you want to find someone you can have a healthy relationship with and trust. And once you get that disturbing image from your head, finding the right home contractor for your home’s remodeling or teardown project is essential to the happiness of you and your home’s inhabitants.

An ill-informed decision to hire the wrong homebuilder can lead to a series of events no one should have to endure. In other words, don’t just choose a contractor based on impulse and convenience, which is not only lazy but is also careless; instead, invest in time to explore your options, ask the right questions, research other portfolios of viable construction experts, such as these builders in Utah, and make sure the expertise of your chosen contractor is equipped and experienced to handle the job your project entails.

If you’re in the process of remolding, rebuilding or in need of a small renovation, here are four essential questions every homeowner should ask:

“Can we agree to itemize our plans…?”

Home renovation is a relative process. Depending on some issues, such as environment, real estate regulations and changes in opinion—an agreed “single” cost can lead you to emotional distress concerning money that needn’t be spent. With this mind, it’s imperative that financing home renovations projects to be individually expensed versus one exclusive bill. Additionally, itemizing your bid gives you more information as to what each part of the project (e.g., plumbing, carpentry, electrical, flooring, etc.) costs. Don’t leave yourself in the dark of in terms of what you’re paying for.

 “Is this an estimate or fixed price we’re agreeing on?”

Some contractors, or the more unethically inclined, treat their offers passively, which means the costs agreed upon was merely an undisclosed estimate. Be sure to request that each price be at a fixed price to avoid any suspiring costs your contractor may have robustly added on to.

“Does your expertise match my personal need?”

An established contractor gains a reputation among the local housing community, either negatively or with admiration. Some contractors may be in desperate need of business, and your business perfectly suits them. However, make sure that your contractor maintains experience in the specific field of construction that applies to your project. Review their portfolio and navigate through third-party sources, such as client testimonials and local real estate agent, to gain trust.

“Can I trust you to be safe…?”

Like it or not, your contractor is going to be around you and your family for an extended period of time. It’s imperative that you not only match with your contractors on professional level, but personal one as well. Subcontractors and new workers should be expected to see often, so it’s important that you can trust him or her or any individual that enters your living space with complete confidence. When in doubt, trust your gut instead of going with your wallet.

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