Restoring the Wood in Your Home

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The decoration of a room should take into account the furniture and the carpet. The eye is always drawn to these aspects of the room before anything else, so they set the tone for the space. This reality makes the importance of getting the color coordination and overall matching of these items critical. Home owners will often struggle with finding an option that works and fits well with the atmosphere of the room. Each home owner has a different opinion on what looks good, but there are general rules to follow. This piece will go over what is required in order to appropriately match your furniture and carpet.

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Neutral is Dull

The safest option in the book is to go for neutral colors that have been used time and time again. Most home owners will go for black, white, and brown tones in a bid to have their room look put together. These are excellent choices and should not be ridiculed. They are proven to work and they have been around for decades because of their timeless appeal. However, for a more modern aesthetic, it is important to move away from these set standards and be creative.

So what can one do to not stay dull, while making the room pop? The first step is to look to find colors that work with the room and its overall feel. Is the room bright and vibrant? Is it more elegant and classy? This is where different colors come into play, and these choices are up to the owner. The goal should be to pick a focal point in the room and work from there.

This is done by looking at the largest piece of furniture, say a sofa, and finding a color that makes it the center of attention. There are different shades of colors and different textures to choose from, so finding something that works well with your furniture shouldn’t be too difficult. When you select your furniture as the focal point, it is important to go for a more relaxed carpet. Having two focal points is unnecessary and will make the room feel jumbled or busy. This is the last thing any home owner wants to emit when it comes to the appearance of their room.


Color is important, but so is texture that sits well in the room. If the sofa has a certain texture, it is important to go with a relaxed rug or carpet. Opposites attract, as the old saying goes, and it applies for this situation, too. Carpets and furniture should be opposites that attract and never the same shade or pattern. Too much of the same thing can be disconcerting to the eye and end up unappealingly plain.

There are a select few options on the market that can get away with the same colors. There are rarely any rooms that do not benefit from a contrasting look, even in the neutral colors. Many home owners will go for a black sofa and white carpet, or the reverse. Try choosing a blue sofa or carpet and a cream colored counterpart. This is a softer, more colorful version of the classic and lends some appeal to any sitting room.

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