Secure Your Home this Summer

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Any locksmith will extol the importance of equipping your home with appropriate, well fitted and effective locking systems. The desire to safeguard our houses against intruders is so strong, and of such importance, that expert instructors like MPL Locksmith Training train hundreds of would-be locksmiths in the UK every year. Short of taking a course in ‘locksmithery’ yourself, how can you ensure the security of your home through the use of locking mechanisms?  Well, quite simply (and it is simple), here’s how…



To ensure your door is doing its job – not just opening and closing, but providing the highest level of security possible – choose wisely and inspect carefully…because when you don’t, burglars will. If you have moved into a property, be aware of the age, condition and type of doors the property has. Similarly, if you have lived for some time in a property, do not overlook the door you have, or take it for granted because it has done the job for this long. Instead, ask yourself, do all the doors to my property…

1. feature a spy hole?
2. make use of a door chain?
3. have secure hinges fitted with long screws and additional hinge bolts?
4. lock via a five lever mortise deadlock that meets the British standard 3621 and / or the European standard EN 12209?
5. avoid features such as glass panels?

If the answer to any of the above is, ‘I do not know’ – check now. The two minutes it takes to do so could save you a lot of money, time and heart ache in the long term. If the answer to any of the above is, ‘no’ – act now.

The simple fact is, if your family and belongings matter, so do your doors. Hence, begin by reading the Crime Prevention Website’s article on mortise locks, and why they matter.

French and Patio Doors

French and patio doors are lovely for letting the light in. Unfortunately, they are also equally well known for letting the burglars in. In fact, French and patio doors are so popular with burglars that the BBC Crime Watch Roadshow website has featured them in their article,  ‘Ten Things a Burglar Loves’. The article advises home owners to keep these doors locked and ensure they are double glazed. Simple enough, and effective too – provided your French or patio doors already make use of the following…

  1. mortise rack bolts or surface mounted locking bolts
    2. mortise sash locks
    3. hinge bolts on any doors which open out, as a pose to slides open

Patio doors, specifically, should also be fitted with extra locks if they do not currently feature a multi-locking system of some kind, and an anti-lift devise to prevent burglars from simply lifting the door from its track in order to gain entry.

Letter and Post Boxes

People can be lackadaisical when it comes to letter and post box security. Few people are so blasé after having their identity, credit cards or car stolen. Fortunately, there are three simple measures every home owner can take to ensure their letter and / or post boxes are not opening them up to the risk of being robbed, and they are:

  1. Never install a letter box closer than 4cm from a door lock.
    2. Never (ever) have a letter box fitted at the bottom or near to the bottom of a door.
    3. Always fit and make use of a cover plate.If a letter box is not an option, or not a desirable option for you, post boxes are a perfectly reasonable and worthy alternative.

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