Seven Essential Features of Luxury Bathrooms

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It’s true that many of us love to spend a good amount of time in the bathroom to clear away all the dirt and freshen up while relaxing under the shower. You can easily soothe your mind and body once you return back to your home from the office. If you are spending huge time in the bathroom then you should choose the right material for the bathroom that can make it look more fantastic. There are some of the key features that can make your bathroom look luxurious and also make sure it is convenient. So, are you looking to enhance the features of your bathroom? Here are some great tips which can add luxury to your bathroom.

Luxury Bathrooms


Walk in Shower

In the luxury bathrooms you will definitely find the shower installed. But, to install the walk in shower, you need to have some extra showering space that can give a contemporary look to the bathroom. If you are having a small bathroom then you need to opt for the versatile wet room that can create the illusion of more space. With the sleek appearance you can have the ease of use and get the luxury feel of the bathroom.

Thermostatic Shower

In the bathrooms, you will find that there are many innovative fittings installed in order to give the elegant look to the bathroom. With the installation of the thermostatic showers you can surely add some essential luxury feeling that will help you maximise the pleasure of the daily shower experience.

Heated Bathroom Mirrors

It is specially designed for the boys and you can find that they can shave in a convenient way after the shower. With the use of the heated bathroom mirrors you will find that it has the ability to soften the hair follicles. You can easily install the heated mirror and you will get the chance to steam up the warm pad that is located behind the mirror. It gets heated up to demist the mirror and enable the perfect close shave.

LED Tiles and the Door Handle

In the luxury bathrooms you should install the LED tiles that will give the personalised feeling. You can choose the tiles depending on your choice to highlight some portion of your bathroom. You can even install the busy signal in the door handle.

Custom Cabinetry

You can add some dramatic impact on the bathroom by installing the cabinets that appears to be luxurious. You can make the area look more elegant by combining it with the open and the closed cabinet designs. You can also take the initiative of installing the floating countertops that have no cabinets underneath.

Under Floor Heating

It is also a luxurious feature that can be installed in the bathroom. You can keep the floor warm in the winter and do not have to feel the chilling cold under your feet. You can feel the warmth in the area and the floor turns out to be more appealing and can be installed easily.

You can also think of installing the sauna in the bathrooms with the glass walls and the exotic woods that comes with the custom seating. You can make use of high end luxury sauna that has the Italian tiles on the seats and walls and also on the floor.
So now you know what all is needed to make a perfect choice for a luxury bathroom.

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