Seven Things You Should Ask A Lawn Maintenance Company Before Hiring

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If you are considering hiring a lawn maintenance company there are several questions you should ask before making a final decision to ensure you are hiring a trustworthy company that understands the specific needs of lawn maintenance in your geographic region.

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 1. A major concern for many people hiring a lawn care maintenance firm is the length of service contract. Many people dislike being tied into long contracts because if they are unhappy with the care they are receiving they do not want to pay penalties for breaking the contract early.  Make sure you ask each potential lawn care company what their service contract policy is, and if there are penalties for early contract termination.

 2. Another important area of concern for people hiring a lawn maintenance service is the question of guarantees.  Be upfront and ask the company what guarantees or service warranties are offered and how those guarantees are met. Ask for a copy of the written guarantee and look it over carefully for exclusions.

 3. Ask the lawn care company about employee training, education and certifications. If you live in an area with significant insect problems check to see if the company has an entomologist on staff.  Are technicians required to take continuing education courses? Lawn care demands specific training-especially in terms of evaluating lawn problems, insect damage, and properly determining the amount and application of fertilizers and pesticides.  Avoid companies that only have operator status and look for companies with certified technicians. This indicates employees have passed more stringent testing and have a certain level of education, training and expertise in lawn care and maintenance.

 4. Today, environmental impacts are of much greater concern than they were 20-30 years ago.  Ask each lawn care company you are considering about their commitment to environmental stewardship.  Do they use organic products designed to lessen the impact on the environment and keep pets and children safe? How do the dispose of any toxic materials. Ask about their use of pesticides. This question isn’t only important in terms of environmental impact, pesticides have many known health risks so you need to understand when and how your lawn care company will use pesticides.

 5.  Ask for references from neighbors or others living near by that use their services. Make sure you are allowed to call or speak with the references. Consider visiting one or more of the references to view the condition of their lawns and yards. This will give you a good idea regarding the work ethic and the ability of the company to meet your expectations. Ask about the customer service and how they work.  Do technicians arrive on time and work consistently or do they come and go?  Have they had any problems? Have they had to invoke any guarantees offered by the provider?  Did the company do what they promised?  If so, how well did they do it?

 6. Always make sure you understand the cost of hiring each company. Ask for a comprehensive list of services and packages with prices so you can compare services and prices among the companies you are considering.  Read over materials carefully and ask the lawn care service about any extra fees, hidden charges, discounts and exclusions.  You want to make certain you are comparing apples to apples when it comes down to making that final decision.

 7.  Ask if the company is licensed, insured or bonded.  You will have people on your property and therefore it is important that the company is covered by liability insurance in the event a technician gets injured. Check the company is licensed to do business in the area where you live. This is for your protection. If a company is not licensed or insured you may have no recourse in the event of a major issue or problem.

By asking the right questions you are establishing an open relationship and protecting yourself from any problems down the road after making your hiring decision. Taking the time to do the research, evaluate, and compare lawn care service providers will ensure you find a lawn care service provider you feel confident working with that can deliver the results you expect. It will also protect you in the event of a major mistake that injures or ruins your lawn.

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