Signs of Tree Trouble

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Trees are all over Staines, and these immobile giants provide a wide range of benefits to the community, from producing fresh air to providing shade and protection from the elements. However, trees are also living things, and are subject to becoming “sick” due to a fungal infection, infestation of a pest, and much more. In addition, harsh weather, a serious strike, and other conditions could cause damage to the tree, and there are signs that will tell you if you have a problem.


It is not abnormal for a tree to lean a little to one side after a particularly severe storm or even just due to the size of its own canopy. However, a lean of 15 degrees or more is considered severe and could be a serious sign the tree is not far from simply falling over and potentially causing damage to surrounding structures or injuries to passing pedestrians. Staines tree surgeons are available around the clock for emergency tree removal to eliminate the threat and even potentially save the tree from death.


Powerlines are particularly vulnerable to the advancement of a growing tree, and you could require the help of tree surgeons if you begin to notice your trees growing out onto the road. Powerlines could be live, resulting in an electrical fire or worse if the tree is left to grow unchecked. You can get the help you need by calling on the right professionals to fix this issue. The men and women behind this service know how to reduce and shape the size of your trees’ canopies to ensure they are in good condition, healthy, and not so large as to cause potential damage. This type of service is designed to keep you and those on the property safe, reduce the chances of property damage, and keep the tree healthy, and you need a professional to ensure all of this is true.

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