Sofa Covers: Get the Perfect Fit

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Today’s sofa covers aren’t merely practical solutions for protecting furniture; they are fabulous decorative statements.  Both convenient and versatile, sofa covers can transform tired or outdated styles into fresh focal points that wake up the entire room.  The key to getting the perfect fit is to make perfect measurements.  The following tips will help you achieve a great sofa cover that will not only protect your sofa, but will enhance your entire décor.

Choosing Fabric

Craft shops and sewing stores usually boast a good selection of durable fabrics that are suitable for sofa covers.  Be sure to choose fabrics that wash up nicely if children or pets live in the household.  A neutral cover allows the homeowner to easily change color schemes by adding different throw pillows or throw blankets to the sofa.  On the other hand, a unique pattern, stripes, or brocade can make a singular decorative statement.  In any case, keep in mind that a delicate fabric isn’t likely to hold up well with use.  There are many great designer fabrics for contemporary homes, but vintage fabric can also be used to make a slip cover.  Bark cloth, for example, tends to be quite durable and sports great vintage appeal.  Moreover, there are some specialty fabric stores online that sell retro fabric or even customer-designed fabrics.

Measuring Your Sofa

A cloth tape measure is ideal for making measurements.  It will adhere better to the contours of the sofa than a yardstick of other measuring implement.  Be sure to remove cushions before making measurements.  The back of the couch must be measured on the outside as well as inside; add five inches to the inside measurement as added fabric will be tucked inside the couch.  Then measure each section taking to add two inches to allow for the seam.  The seat cushions must also be measured along with arms, sides, and the front of the couch.

How Much Fabric?


Sewing pros suggest adding the fabric lengths together and then dividing that sum by thirty-six.  Some fabrics like those with stripes may require an additional few yards needed for matching purposes.  If you are planning to make a skirt that will hang from the bottom of the sofa to the floor, add extra yards to accommodate.  Experts then recommend buying muslin in the same amount to make the patterns.  From the patterns, you can then sew your sofa cover to conform to your measurements.

Fitting the Cover

Once you have your sofa cover, you can easily fit it to your sofa using a wood spoon.  Place the cover atop the sofa from front to back.  You can use the spoon to fit the fabric seems into the creases of the sofa next to the arms and under the cushions.  Be sure to tuck in all the excess fabric as you fit the cover into place.  Remember that the fabric will seem taut at first.  As the fabric loosens with time, it will be necessary to tuck the extra fabric into the creases as well.

You’ll love the results that a sofa cover offers.  It can add a great design element to the room and save hundreds of dollars since you don’t need to buy a new sofa each time you want to change your décor.  Keep your pattern in case you want to make seasonal sofa covers—one for summer and one for winter to really keep your décor fresh!

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