Staircase Options for Loft Conversions

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Any builders specialising in the loft conversion industry are probably reporting massive hikes in their profits. While the general construction trade is struggling somewhat, certain areas of it are soaring and loft conversions certainly fall into this category. Some people might want to move into that brand spanking new property, but many are happy to invest a small amount of money to make their current house that little bit bigger. Suffice to say, a loft conversion allows you to tap into unused space for a very small cost.

It would be fair to say that there are countless considerations you need to think about when planning your loft conversion. Whether it’s altering your roofs structure to allow for additional space, adding roof lights or simply getting all of the formalities in place, it’s a project that probably isn’t quite as minor as a lot of people initially think. Many of these individuals will also forget that the stairs are an important aspect and while you may have the trusty hatch to gain access into the space for now, you’ll certainly need a more permanent solution once the area becomes habitable. Bearing this in mind, here are several of our own suggestions for designing a staircase for your new loft conversion:

Standard Staircase

If you have plenty of space on the level below your loft, your primary option is to simply install a standard staircase. This will make the loft simply appear like a normal room in the house – rather than a conversion. Furthermore, with prefabricated staircases so easy to get hold of these days, it’s an affordable option that won’t take very long to assemble. In contrast to other options, the standard staircase is much more customizable as well with countless vendors selling designer parts – from a Clive Durose baserail to a B&Q bannister. However, the size issue should be reiterated and unless you have considerable room below, it might be difficult to facilitate a standard staircase.

Spiral Staircase

If you don’t have sufficient space, a spiral staircase could be the way forward. They happen to be very popular options for loft conversions, with most being approximately two and a half times smaller than your standard staircase. Of course, they are not quite as negotiable either and some users will have difficulties in using them. However, for most they are ideal and just like standard options, it’s also possible to acquire them in prefabricated forms.

Staircase Options


If you really are struggling for space, a pull-down ladder could be the only solution. Fortunately, such ladders have progressed tremendously over the years and while they were simply formed like your standard builder’s ladder, nowadays they are much more user friendly. They generally pull out at an angle, with many having handrails and also larger steps. Unsurprisingly, they happen to be considerably cheaper than staircases so if you are happy for a more temporary solution, this could well be the option for you.

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