The Importance of a Tool Trolley in an Industrial Workplace

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Many different storage and organisation systems need to be taken into account when planning what will help streamline operations and make workers more productive. One of the smaller and yet incredibly useful tools that those setting up an industrial workplace should not overlook is the tool trolley. Portable, mobile and economical, tool trolleys are strong and can be used to the benefit of a variety of different job roles.

Industrial Storage

What Is a Tool Trolley?

A tool trolley is the size of a small desk and is cart-like device which acts as a single unit which houses, carries, protects and categorises the various tools a worker may use in his or her occupation. Though often used by machinists, carpenters and builders, virtually anyone who uses numerous tools in his or her job and needs the tools to move around with them will benefit from a tool trolley.

The Benefits of a Tool Trolley:

There are other options available on the market, such as a tool box, chest, or case. For those who will need more than a couple of nails and a hammer, however, the tool trolley will likely be the better choice.

Moving with You

One reason why many choose to incorporate a tool trolley into their workplace is that it helps workers be more productive. Before the trolley, workers had one of two options:

  1. a) Workers could choose to haul heavy chests or boxes around them which housed all of their tools; or
  2. b) Workers would need to run back and forth from their workstation or a tool centre

While the latter may be more time consuming, both equate to a waste of the worker’s time and skill. The former option – having workers carry chests and boxes around with them – raises another concern which the tool trolley can help prevent. This leads us to our next point…

Protecting Your Health

Constant bending and lifting in the workplace is one of the primary reasons behind workers compensation claims around the world. Lifting tool boxes and chests places a large amount of strain on an individual’s back, shoulders, arms, and neck. The trolley, as it can be easily pushed from location to location (some are even power operated!), not only completely alleviates the need to bend and lift heavy items. The trolley can also be moved as close to the worker and the project as possible, preventing the worker from needing to continuously reach far distances to retrieve a tool or a necessary object.

Protecting Your Tools

A tool trolley can carry and transport an expansive set of items. These trolleys are outfitted with a series of drawers which allow workers to sort and organise a variety of different tools. Most also contain one or more cabinets which can be used to store larger items, such as:

  • Paint cans
  • Buckets
  • Power-operated equipment

Most trolleys are made of metal, which offers maximum protection. Strongly reconsider purchasing a plastic trolley. While lightweight and likely more affordable, a metal trolley is able to best house and protect the tools within it.

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