The Range Of Inlay And Marquetry Repair Work That Can Be Carried Out

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You might have wooden furniture that has been designed with inlay or marquetry. This creates striking patterns or contrast in the furniture.

You may have a problem with the inlay or the marquetry that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Choose a firm which can perform the inlay repairs efficiently.

What is the range of inlay and marquetry repairs which can be carried out?

Pieces Of Wood Can Be Replaced

Marquetry involves different-coloured pieces of wood being put together by Kendal Restoration in order to create a pattern or recognisable shapes of plants or animals. Some of these pieces may have become faded or damaged over time, and they need to be repaired.

A specialist firm is going to be able to replace the individual pieces of wood or they may be able to repair the pieces that have become damaged. The new pieces are going to make the original pattern stand out and the furniture is going to look appealing once again.

Inlay Can Be Restored

Inlay refers to material such as marble or glass which has been inserted into the wood in order to create a distinctive design. The marble might have become dirty or the glass may have become cracked. Damage can occur for a wide variety of different reasons.

The marble in the furniture can be replaced completely or it may need to be cleaned thoroughly. The glass can be replaced if it has become damaged. This is going to make the furniture much safer for people to use.

Once the inlay has been restored, you will be able to enjoy your furniture and people are going to give you lots of compliments on how good it actually looks.

Problems That You Should Notice

When you are looking at your furniture, make sure that you notice any issues, no matter how small they appear to be at first glance. The damage can include stains and chips which are affecting the wood. You might also notice that the furniture has become slightly unstable, which needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

You do not need to attempt any of these repairs by yourself because they require a large amount of technical knowledge.

Collecting And Delivering The Furniture

Antique furniture can be very fragile, so it needs to be handled and transported with absolute care. The repair company is going to transport the furniture in specially-equipped vans which are going to keep the furniture secure. The furniture will be returned after it has been repaired. You will marvel at the complete transformation.

Article Conclusion

Furniture that has inlaid marble or wood marquetry can be restored with the help of a specialist service. You will notice that the marble or wood looks completely striking once it has been repaired. This repair process can be carried out on any material which is inserted into the wooden furniture.

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