The Salient Features of AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming Systems

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The Roman made precast concrete has become a universal material in construction due to its strength, reliability and aesthetic qualities. Precast concrete is used in variety of construction applications such as buildings, highways, roads, sewer system and other civil structures. Its inherent physical properties yields increased in rigidity over time and last much longer than other materials such as brick or wood. This makes precast concrete an ideal choice for projects where longevity, strength, and reliability are required.

Varied Reliable Features:

AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming Systems is the worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing precast concrete fence forming systems for fencing constructions. AFTEC products are broadly used in all residential and commercial applications. AFTEC’s vertically formed precast concrete wall panels with decorative stone textures had attracted many people. The patented combo-cast technology and proprietary rigid footing support system, makes AFTEC Forming Systems a unique choice among consumers and civil contractors.

AFTEC’s concrete fencing provides an aesthetic design to home and residential buildings. The fencing is comprised of modular components which are used to fit for any yard. AFTEC fences may also be designed with different patterns that cater to even the most discerning preferences. The advent of paint mixed features provides an attractive appearance for the fencing components.

Compatible Product For Civil Construction:

The maintenance cost of the AFTEC’S concrete fencing is very low when compared with other forms of fencing. Many civil engineers recommend AFTEC products due to the cost-effectiveness feature. In terms of durability, these concrete panels do not rot or rust and the requirement of replacing is very rare. AFTEC concrete is resistant to extreme temperatures which is ideal for all weather conditions and geographical locations. AFTEC concrete material is compatible with electrical components, which can be easily fitted with fixtures like lightning and insulated tubes for electrical wires during the casting stage. Through this compatible feature, good lightning effect is obtained for the entire fencing system.

AFTEC concrete supports the installation of tubing in the panels through which electrical wires for lights and other fixtures can be assembled. Installing lighting or other gadgets on the concrete wall becomes very easy with AFTEC concrete materials. The risk of chipping or breaking concrete fences for electrical installation is totally avoided with the help of AFTEC’s concrete products. This extraordinary feature had attracted many civil contractors and engineers to use this concrete material for various civil constructions. Multiple storey buildings with complex roofing structures, adopt AFTEC products for ease of electrical and plumbing installation. Government and public construction projects also use this concrete material which renders quick and reliable construction.

Good Security Feature:

AFTEC concrete fencing has fire-resistant feature which protect a substation with security walls building from fire accidents. The industries which are involved in manufacturing fire crackers and high explosive materials adopt this concrete product to protect their properties from fire accidents. This concrete material also prevents noise pollution and this can be used in areas where high traffic intensity occurs. Hospitals and school zones prefer to user this material to avoid noise pollution.

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