The Warmth And Beauty Of Wood Countertops

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If you want a countertop that is both beautiful and functional, consider selecting one that is made of wood. Wood countertops add a sense of richness and warmth that countertops made of stone or quartz may lack.
The Warmth And Beauty Of Wood Countertops

A Wide Range of Choices

When you choose a countertop made of wood, you will be able to select the type of wood, the color of the stain and how the grain is oriented. If you are eco-minded, you can even use reclaimed wood or wood from sustainable forests for your countertops.

  • Type of Wood. Countertops can be made from a wide variety of wood species. Some of the more common wood countertops include oak and maple. If you are going for a more exotic look, you may want to select a wood species such as teak or tiger wood.
  • Grain Oriention. The look, function and durability of your countertop are dependent on the way the wood’s grain is oriented relative to the surface of the countertop. There are three types of grains:
    • Face Grain. This orientation showcases the wood’s grain more than the other options and is therefore considered more decorative. Face grain countertops tend to be softer than other options and may be more prone to dents and dings than other grain orientations.
    • Edge Grain. Wood boards are positioned together in an upright manner, so the side of the plank is used as the surface of the countertop. Edge grain wood countertops are generally more durable than their face grain counterparts.
    • End Grain. The end of the wood boards are positioned upward, so that the end of the board is used for the surface of the countertop. This type of countertop is quite durable.
  • Eco-friendly Options. Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly option because the wood is recycled from old buildings or other structures that are being torn down. Wood that would otherwise be thrown away is instead repurposed for use in countertops. You may also choose to make your countertops from wood that is grown in sustainable forests.

Pros and Cons of Wood Countertops

Just like any other type of countertop, Wood countertops have both their advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, countertops made of wood tend to give a kitchen a warmer look. They can be used as a work surface and are not as hard on cutlery as stone countertops. Their variety of wood species and grain orientation lends visual interest while green options appeal to those who are eco-friendly. Keep in mind that your wood countertop may require protective treatments every now and then to keep it looking its best. It may also be more prone to dents, scratches and chips than other countertop materials.

When looking for a countertop material, consider going with wood. Its beauty and functionality will no doubt be a focal point of your kitchen.

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