Things To Be Considered While Purchasing Sheds

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With the wide variety of choices in outdoor sheds available today, in terms of materials, sizes and types, choosing the right shed that fits your requirements is a daunting task. Follow these simple tips to choose the right kind of shed for all your outdoor storage needs.

A basic requirement for storing materials outdoors, storage sheds are available in wide variety of types and fittings. Do your homework well with these simple tips as the background to choose the best type of shed that meets all your storage requirements and follows building codes in your area strictly.


  • Shed Building Permits and Clauses

There are many neighbourhoods that define specific restrictions and guidelines for the construction of external sheds that are set back from the property line and shed line as well, beyond which shed building permission is not granted. This is a major indicator in terms of how big and how best the shed can be made.

  • Purpose of the Shed

Once the basic function of the shed is decided, all others simply fall into place. Understand the basic nuances of the working of a shed and its features that are most important to you, and choose the material type wisely. If there is a gardening shed required, in which the user will spend long hours, it should be equipped with the proper light and ventilators, and also open able windows and roof skylights spanning the length of the roof.

Sheds can also be used purely for storage of heavy materials like large lawn mowers, pool equipment, outdoor toys, etc. and also for smaller items like clothes, holiday items, etc.

Shed doors are an important criterion for design and placement of the door openings to be used effectively by all shed owners. Double doors with locks that open outside are required for the sheds that house the heavy duty materials so that they can be accessed easily.

  • Size of the Shed:-

Ready to assemble shed kits are the latest trend in the storage sheds industry and they are available in a variety of sizes. Always keep a leeway of 15-30% in the calculated space required for storage steel sheds, i.e. evaluate current needs and build the shed bigger than fulfilling just current needs so that any future needs can be accommodated. Keep in the mind the neighbourhood covenants that forbid the building of any structure taller than the fence line of the plot.

  • Foundation of the shed

As it is with any standard built structure, the most important part of building a storage shed is also its foundation. A level surface is imperative for the proper assembling of the shed, with hard surfaces like cement patios, road bases, compact pea gravels, etc making the perfect bases. Avoid building sheds in low lying areas so that water is not dragged into the shed.

  • Materials to make the Shed

This is the final and key criterion for the building of a much in demand storage shed. You can opt for metal, resin and wood, each of which offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Interiors can be customized based on the material to suit each person’s taste.

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