Three Common Problems with Flat Roofs

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Commercial roofs can easily sustain damage during a severe storm that includes high winds and hailstones. Due to their elevation, the damage to flat roofs can be more extensive than it is on residential roofs. Here is some of the damage that you can expect to see on flat roofs due to storms or aging.

Standing Water

Since flat roofs are not pitched, they often retain water after a rain shower or storm. While it is normal to have some standing water, most of it should evaporate with a day or so without causing damage. However, water still pooled on the roof after 72 hours can cause the membrane roofing material to break down and eventually lead to leaks.

Lack of Maintenance

Too often, the owner of a building will cut corners by not keeping the roof maintained. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can clog the guttering and water outlets. Vegetation could end up growing on the roof, the membrane could be damaged due to standing water, or flashings and other metal components could be rusted. Before renting or buying a commercial property, have the roof carefully inspected for signs of poor maintenance.

Membrane Damage

Many flat roofs have membrane that has sustained damage due to incorrect installation, standing water, or blistering under the heat of the sun. Membrane deterioration can lead to a leaking roof and it may need to be replaced. Commercial roofers in Northamptonshire can inspect your roof on a regular basis to catch problems before further damage is done to the building.

Keeping a flat roof maintained will help the property retain its value and reduce damage to the structure of the roof and building. Make sure that the roofers repairing or inspecting your roof are qualified and have experience with commercial roofs to ensure that they do the job properly the first time.

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