Tips For Bathroom Maintenance

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While it is a true fact that bathroom maintenance can be a tough ordeal that can eat into our time, it does not hurt to know a few general tips that you can use to take care of this issue yourself. What if your bathroom pipe broke in the night when you are back home from work with the intention to enjoy a quick hot shower before hitting the bed? What if your bathroom gets flooded with water because of drainage blockage at an ungodly hour? While relying on a professional to take care of your bathroom mess might be a tempting idea, it is just better to rely on yourself to manage your own crisis.

Hiring a plumber is not only expensive, but it can also add to the delay in fixing up your bathroom. This will create a whole new deal of trouble in your situation. Imagine what it will be like to not be able to use your bathroom for hours or even days until your local            plumbers comes to check. This situation can get quite nasty and to make sure that it doesn’t, you can follow some of the cool DIY techniques to handle bathroom maintenance:

Bathroom Maintenance

  • Research: Before you grab the mop and bucket, you should know the essential cleaning tips to make sure that your bathroom is spotlessly clean and hygienic. Your tiles should be shiny and dry, and the metal faucets should not have any rust stains on them. Better still, make sure that you clean your sink and toilet every day to keep them germ free. These are some basic facts which should not be ignored. If you remember to clean your bathroom daily, it will be that much easier to handle your emergency crisis during unfortunate moments.
  • Toilet issues: Check whether the toilet flush is working properly. If the water keeps leaking, it means you have problem in your hands and need to fix it straight away. Also, if the toilet seat is acting wobbly, take a flathead screwdriver and tighten the bolts.
  • Follow advice: Today internet has made it quite easy for us to learn new techniques without breaking a sweat. There are several blogs on plumbing which offer great suggestions that you can follow to handle any problem. You can find tips on how to fix a broken pipe or to unclog the drain. You can learn how to clean the space between the tiles and also remove water spots from the bathroom mirrors. Overall, you can learn how to do anything for bathroom repair and maintenance.
  • Remember to replace the silicone: Over time, the base of the toilets (made out of silicone) can turn quite grubby and stained. This can make your bathroom look dirty and even you will have issues using it. This is a situation that calls for action. Of course, you will have to replace the old silicone with new, and you have to perform impeccably well. If you do not get the old silicon out, you will not be able to seal the new silicone to the base properly. offers a very comprehensive guide to fix the silicone and you can read it on their blog.
  • Do weekly checkups: One of the main reasons why a lot of people face problems with their bathroom maintenance is because they do not remember to do a thorough checkup of their place every week. You need to always see whether your pipes are being wobbly, or the toilet flush is working. Anything that does not operate smoothly will cause issues after a few days.

Also remember that a good layout is all you need to maintain a bathroom effectively. During renovation, try to be as involved as you can be in the project to see that all elements fit in well. Have your toilet installed near a window or a proper ventilation area. Make sure that air circulates properly in the area so that bacteria or mould cannot grow. Try to keep your bathroom floors dry and always make sure that your door is situated far away from your shower zone. Often the water that sprays and soaks into the wooden door will chip away the paint and create dark stains that you will not be able to get rid of.

All these simple techniques will help you to maintain a good and healthy ambiance in your bathroom. These tips aim to offer best results without causing any financial concern along the way.

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