Tips in Preparing Your Home for a House Sitter

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It is a serious frustration how we risk to stay away from home leaving our pets aside with no one to take care of them— chances are, we get them to be with us or we leave them with a pet or house sitter.

While most people leave their humble homes every day for work, they often leave their pets and house with no supervision. That’s a real deal especially if you want your pets to have their usual routines done, then getting a sitter for them is an ideal thing.

However, there are still some tips you need to know in preparing your home for a pet sitter. Let’s find those in today’s blog post!

How To Prepare Your Home

Either you are leaving away for some days, or just for a couple of hours, it is better that you prepare all the things needed at home. First thing is to make sure the home is all cleaned and organized, next is to make sure your house sitter knows how to navigate a simple house rule.

Furthermore, there are other things you should need to prepare for.

1 Put all your pet supplies in its designated location

Putting all pet supplies in their designated location makes things easier for your house sitter to locate things. If she will need anything for your pet at a certain time, it will come easier for her to do the searching since all the pet supplies are only kept in one place.

2 Put all pet supplies in central location

Putting all the supplies in a central location also contributes to an easy search too. Of course, you don’t want to keep your supplies in a location that is not reachable or place it in the underground basement. You can either have it near the shoe racks, the kitchen area or near your pet’s cozy space.

3 Stock enough animal medicines and keep them away from the animal reach

Stocking animal medicines just in case things get rough is a good thing to do. You wouldn’t want your pet sitter to leave home and buy pet medicines, do you? It is best to stock enough before leaving. Also, make sure that it is out of animal reach, as sometimes pet can be really naughty and playful at home.

4 Think about where you want your pet to have access

You can literally lock all the rooms in the house except for the rooms your pet is okay to be in. you can also change lights and blinds in those room to the way you want them to stay. If you want them changed to be sure to leave the information to your sitter.

5 leave important notes to your sitter

It is always beneficial to make sure you leave important notes to leave your sitter, this makes sure that your house sitter will be reminded of the daily routines inside the house and even at taking care of the pets. Otherwise, you can call your sitter from time to time to remind her.

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