Tips to give your sofa new fresh look

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The beautiful couch or sofa placed in your living room is perhaps the most commonly used furniture item in your home. Everyone who enters in your home no matter from work or play; do want to lay down over the couch and relax. These furniture items usually experience the most traffic in the home. For this reason, the sofas really get messy and dirty. When it comes to home cleaning then sofa and other such furniture are among the primary things that needs to be cleaned first in order to give your home a neat and clean look. If you do own pets then it really gets difficult to clean the couches and sofa. This is because the pets do play in the back yard and outside around the house and then climb over the couch. In this way, so much dust is settled over the sofa. Here are few tips to make your sofa looks neat and clean quickly. Sofa cleaning is not as simple as people do consider. It is not only to dust the couch but it needs a lot more. A detailed sofa cleaning can really give your home a neat and clean look. It would not be wrong saying that sofa cleaning is a major part of the home cleaning. Dusty cushions, stains on the fabric and stubborn pet hair are few of the hardest challenges that you will face during upholstery cleaning.

The first thing that you need to do, if you do have pets in your house is to make sure that they are not going to sit on the furniture so that your struggle of sofa cleaning does not go in vein. Now, de fuzzing is the next thing that you need to do. Most of the people do make use of lint rollers for this purpose but it really does not work all the time. Instead, you must make use of rubber gloves. By wearing them and rubbing your hands to and fro over the sofa you can get together all the pet hair over the sofa. If the fabric of your sofa is water proof then you can also slightly wet your gloves in order to improve the pickup. You can easily get these gloves from any general shop. These gloves can do wonders for you.

Even if you do really avoid eating while sitting on sofa then it does not mean that dirt and dust would not have made their way. Dust and dirt somehow manage to make their way into the sofa and then stay there. The best solution to this problem is to make use of the vacuum cleaner with the upholstery attachment. This will really clean your furniture to the large extent. Do run the vacuum cleaner over each and every part of the sofa and cushion. You can also dust the sofa properly and try to make all the crumbs fallen over the floor so that you can vacuum it on the floor.

Now your sofa is free of dirt, dust, debris and pet hair. Now you must have an eye over each and every part of the sofa and find if there is any mark or stain over it. At this stage, you can now find some kind of spill mark that you were not aware of before. If your sofa is water proof then you can make use of dishwashing liquid mixed with some water and then dip a clean cloth into this liquid and then dab the stain until it is gone. Do not make use of inappropriate cleaners over your sofa otherwise it will get damaged. Read more at:

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