Top tips for renovating your own home

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There’s no denying that DIY can save you an awful lot of money and it’s something that many people will have a go at, but how do you go about it and what should you be doing to ensure a professional finish? Well the first thing to do is some research. If it’s a job that you haven’t undertaken in the past, then probably the best way of gathering information is to use the internet. There is masses of information out there and you’ll also find that some kind person has probably put up a video on You Tube to share their knowledge and experience. Next it would be a good idea to purchase the tools required to do the job, remembering that quality tools will probably last you a lifetime and are a good investment. Preparation is also important to ensure you get a good finish.

It’s no good just painting over old gloss paint without first sanding it down thoroughly and filling in any holes in door frames or skirting boards. The new paint won’t adhere properly and you’ll find it chips off easily. Also, if you are planning on wallpapering then it’s really important that all the old paper is completely removed. You don’t want tiny little lumps showing under your new paper, so to achieve this then a good way of removing every trace of old paper is to go over the wall with a nylon pan scrub and warm water. Of course many jobs are best left to experienced tradesmen. Plastering is one of them and is not an easy job to do for a DIYer. Likewise any electrical work unless very basic needs to be done by a qualified electrician, and to work on installing any gas item you need to be registered and hold the valid qualifications. To find out more information you should refer to the relevant websites.

renovating your own home

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