Want Speedier Construction Time? Use Steel Frame Buildings

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When it comes to building construction, speed is of critical importance to ensure that the entire project is right on schedule. This also helps reduce overall construction costs by eliminating production bottlenecks and ensures that the building will be available for use the soonest time possible. However, speed should always be complemented with efficiency to ensure the building’s safety and prevent accidents during the phase of construction. Fortunately, both these things are achievable. Thanks to the availability of steel frame buildings, constructing structurally sound buildings in a matter of days or weeks while ensuring efficiency is no longer a dream.


As production techniques have been refined and new construction technologies have arisen, today’s steel frame buildings are designed for faster and more efficient construction.  As a matter of fact, it will take much less time to put up a steel building than it does to build a structure that has wood or masonry frame. The shortened construction time, therefore, means contractors and end users will spend less time preparing and building on site, which also equates to considerable costs savings. How are all these possible, you ask? Looking at the design and construction processes for steel buildings will show you how these systems allow for faster, easier and more efficient construction.

Computer assisted design

Once you have signed the purchasing agreement and paid a deposit, the manufacturer will proceed designing your steel building following your area’s building code and design load requirements. The design phase is made easier with the aid of software that is especially made for steel building design.

To help your project go smoothly, the manufacturer will also supply you with sets of standard erection drawings, complete with an anchor-bolt plan for the foundation. You can have these drawings stamped by a licensed engineer in the city or town where you intend to erect the steel structure and these will be presented to your local building department for approval. If adjustments have to be made on the design after the review, your chosen manufacturer can easily do so since all the details concerning your steel building are done and saved digitally.

Site preparation

As the design phase is on-going, you may hire a contractor to prepare the site where the steel building would be erected. Site preparation includes land surveying, grading, excavation and filling. Clutter is also removed, including overhead utilities to avoid them from becoming hazards once construction begins. It is also during this phase when the foundation is laid following the plan supplied by the manufacturer.


Your steel building may be delivered to you six to ten weeks from the date you have placed your deposit. Your manufacturer will notify you on the actual delivery date, so be sure to prepare for it well in advance. If shipping is not included in the quote, you will need to pre-arrange a delivery van or truck to collect the components from the manufacturer. It is also a good idea to rent a lifting equipment ahead of time so that it will be ready for use once the steel building is delivered on site.


Once the shipment has been delivered and you have double checked it and there are no damages or shortages of items, the erectors you have hired may proceed with the erection phase. Since all the components of the steel building are pre-drilled and pre-fitted, the actual assembly will be carried out quickly. In fact, a crew of experienced erectors can put up a steel garage in a matter of day or two. Compare that with the time it will take to create a wooden or masonry garage.

Keep in mind that although steel frame buildings are easier to construct does not mean that they will not last for long. Just so you know, many steel buildings built back in 1940s or earlier are still standing to this day.

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