What Animals Can Enter And Block My Chimney

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Spring is known as a time for rebirth, renewal and regrowth. This is a time when animals begin to resurface after a harsh, cold winter. The weather starts to get a bit warmer, the days begin to stretch for longer, and new wildlife opens its eyes. Unfortunately, spring is also a time when numerous animals will find their way into your chimney.


The main reason why you find so many birds in chimneys is the environment, they provide a warm, protective location to build nests. Various types of species prefer to use chimneys as their breeding ground, one such is the chimney swift. They are attracted to chimneys because they provide excellent cover for their young. As we continue to build homes and destroy natural habitats, birds are running out of options to lay nests. That is why they choose to construct their nests in our flues because development has destroyed their homes.

If you think you’ve birds in your chimney, you’ll need to have their nests removed. Once they’ve finished the nesting periods, they’ll leave their nest behind blocking your chimney flue. The best way of having it removed is to call an expert, companies who specialise in chimney repairs in West Sussex and other counties also offer maintenance services. They’ll safely remove bird’s nests from your flue without damaging the chimney.

Other Animals

Birds aren’t the only animals that cause problems in your chimney, some of the most common animals you’d encounter include raccoons, bats, and squirrels. The most hazardous of these three are raccoons, they carry dangerous diseases and sometimes they can make their way down the flue into your home. When trying to do this, they can get stuck and end up dying in your chimney. So, if you notice an odour stemming from your chimney, you may need to call a chimney expert to examine the structure. If you’ve a dead animal inside, they’ll need to be removed or else they’ll block the flue.


Vermin can enter your chimney and do damage to important components such as chimney caps or brick work. The best way of finding out if you’ve gaps or crack in your chimney where rodents can enter is to call a professional chimney sweep service. They’ll have the right equipment to access the upper portion of your home and assess the chimney. If they notice any area which require work, they’ll be able to repair the chimney and restrict access.

It is vital that you take preventative measures to secure your chimney and restrict access. If you notice a smell, immediately contact a specialist and have them remove the animal from your chimney.

A chimney expert will examine the structure and remove any animals or nests that are blocking your flue. It is important to try and stop them from gaining access to your chimney, but sometimes it is hard to reach certain points. A specialist has all the right equipment to properly secure your chimney and keep it clear from unwanted guests.

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