What Could Go Wrong with My Garage Doors?

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Garage doors are complex pieces of equipment, and despite being of sturdy build, they can malfunction, especially if they receive no maintenance. There are stresses and strains on the garage door, and here are a few of the common issues to be found with garage doors.

  1. Tracking Malfunction– Regardless of the style, the doors would have a tracking mechanism to enable smooth operation, and this needs to be periodically greased and lubricated. If your garage doors are not as smooth as they once were, there is quality garage door repair services in Fife from an established company.
  2. Locking Issues– Locks can easily malfunction, especially in sub-zero temperatures, and should this happen, contact the company that supplied the garage doors, as they will be able to carry out effective repairs.
  1. Electronic Issues– If, for example, the remote control unit malfunctions, this could be due to battery power running low, or the electric motor might be in need of repair.
  1. Damage to the Door Surfaces– There are a number of things that could cause the door surface to become damaged, such as a football being kicked or a slight collision with a car, and in the event the damage is extensive a new door might be required.

If your garage doors are nearing the end of their lifespan, talk to a local garage door supplier, who has a range of attractive solutions at very affordable prices. Whether aluminium of solid timber, your new garage doors will be a main feature of the property and will give you many years of trouble-free use.














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