What infrared sauna can do for health? Read Carefully

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For centuries, now saunas are used by health conscious people. It is a small room of wooden panels, which is used for taking a steam bath. Traditional saunas use the process of convection to heat the body of the person. They have a coal furnace where the coal is heated, and the hot coal, in turn, heats up the air. Then, the air heats the body. The modern system is the infrared sauna. These heat the body by using infrared radiation which is the same kind of radiation that the sun produces.

infrared sauna

Health Benefits of infrared sauna:

Saunas are said to have several health benefits. The heat produced is an effective method of treatment for illnesses like arthritis, wounds and pains, high blood pressure etc. The heat that is produced in the sauna is supposed to penetrate the muscles, tissues, joints etc. and give relief from different kinds of pains. The heat has the same effect as exercising, and induces the body to sweat. There is an increase in the circulation of blood, and this lowers blood pressure. Saunas help to lose weight, as the body works constantly to bring down the temperature of itself. This helps to burn a lot of calories. As the body sweats in the heat, a large number of toxins leave the body along with the sweat. This gives a detoxifying effect, and also has a purifying and anti-ageing effect on the skin. The best part of infrared saunas is that, all this is done at a lower temperature than the conventional saunas, and this is helpful for those who have heat tolerance issues. They give the same effects of the direct sunrays, excluding the harmful effects of the sun. This is because, there is no exposure to ultraviolet rays in case of infrared saunas. Although deeper studies are necessary to prove the intensity of the health benefits of the sauna, there are a few things which are very obvious benefits of the infrared saunas. It is extremely good for relaxation of the whole body and having an experience of relieving stress. Since the infrared saunas work at a lower temperature than the conventional saunas which reach harsh temperatures to bring any kind of health benefit to the body, the heat gently works on the body to make it relaxed by acting like some kind of therapeutic and soothing heat. It helps to improve sleep, and thus, infrared saunas form a complete package to relax the body and the mind, and leave a person refreshed completely, at the end of each session.

Two-person infrared saunas for the home:

Infrared saunas can easily be installed in the house to get the different benefits. For home installations, it is best to go for two-person saunas, as they are perfect for 1-2 persons for a relaxing time. There are several websites and shops that help to view 2 person sauna range, before making a purchase. There are different kinds of infrared saunas that are available in the market. They are:

  • Carbon sauna, which is the newest technology to produce the most cost-effective sauna experience
  • Metal rod sauna, that is low in cost, but may produce inconsistent heating
  • Ceramic sauna, where high electromagnetic fields are created, along with lots of uneven hot spots.

It is important to view 2 person sauna range carefully to select the right sauna, even if one is opting for the carbon sauna.

Thus, saunas can easily be installed in the house at low costs. The word ‘infrared radiation’ may invoke fear and concern in the minds of people, but, it can be said that such rays are 100% harmless.

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