What Is Drain Jetting?

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Severely blocked pipes and sewers are a troublesome cause of spreading contaminants and unpleasant bacteria back into your kitchen waste pipe or overflowing into your garden. Every home or business suffers from the problem at some point, the result of years of accumulated debris and grease building up. A serious blockage will stubbornly refuse to respond to DIY treatments and requires the attention of a professional service as soon as possible.

How Drains Are Cleared

There are various methods to clear a serious obstruction and a professional plumber will use a video camera on the end of a flexible pipe to make an assessment of the blockage. If there is no sign of structural collapse the decision is made over which method to use. One is to use a plumbing auger or snake. This will have blades or hooks at the end of a stiffened, straight or curved tube. This is inserted into the pipe and when it reaches the blockage, attaches itself into it for the obstruction to be pulled out manually or by machine. Sometimes this method isn’t enough to clear the blockage. In this case, the preferred alternative is to use drain jetting.

How Drain Jetting Works

Also known as hydro-jetting, this method uses a flexible hose with specialised nozzle attachments up to a diameter of eight inches that it inserted into the blocked drain. The other end is fixed to a machine that turns a tank of water into a highly-pressurised force of 60,000 psi. As the water hits the blockage it rotates at speed drawing debris from the obstruction as it forces its way through. It’s powerful enough to clear any blockage and will even break up tree roots that may be the cause of the problem. Special blade attachments can be fitted to slice through roots that are growing along the length of a pipe avoiding the costly alternative of digging them out. Additionally, this method will not damage the pipes.


Drain jetting is completely safe and environmentally-friendly as it relies on the simple power of water rather than harmful chemicals which many DIY treatments rely on. As the fierce water blast effectively continues to eat its way through the blockage, fragments of debris are flushed through a clean-out channel which is designed to assist plumbers in clearing blockages.

A Thoroughly Healthy Clean

The plumbing auger will only clear a small hole through a large build up of debris leaving it to refill again over a short time span. By contrast, hydro jetting thoroughly cleans the entire drain cavity. Debris such as grease, soap, mineral deposits and harmful bacteria, that have probably been stuck to the sides of the drain for years is forcibly dragged away leaving a completely clear pipe. The effect will last approximately four times longer than alternative methods making it an extremely economic choice. If your drain needs clearing, contact Oates Environmental who are experts at removing blockages using the drain jetting method.

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