What To Consider While Installing Biomass Boilers

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There are different methods of heating our homes. Many of us depend upon biomass boilers that involve use of wood chip, logs, pellets or cereals instead of oil or gas etc.

Those interested to install such boilers must consider the following:

  • Working – Ordinary boilers involve use of oil or gas while the biomass ones run on wood pellets, wood chip, logs or cereals that are quite cheaper.
  • Assess your need – It is wise to assess your individual needs. Do you wish to heat all your rooms or only few sections? Candidly, it is important as the cost of the boiler depends much upon its size. You may contact biomass boilers Essex or other companies that would guide you suitably as to which size suits your home or other building. Properly sized biomass boilers can provide heat to the entire house just like the traditional pieces.
  • Space – You must have sufficient place for installing such boilers. It could be equivalent to the size of a washing machine. Some additional space is required for storing the biomass fuel too.
  • Planning permission – Usually no permission is required if the house is unlisted. But those planning to build boiler house or fuel silo are required to raise the chimney height that should be above. In Building warrants are needed for such installations.
  • Government incentives – The approved biomass boiler installations would benefit you by way of government’s incentives. This is tax-free and the amount of such grants would be credited to your account.
  • Cost-effective: Biomass boiler installations are much economical as regards your energy bills that are reduced in great manners.
  • Reduction in carbon output – Significant reduction in CO2 output can be enjoyed by installing these boilers that replace the coal fired or electric systems.
  • Burning of wood – Those living in smokeless zones need to have exempt appliances for burning of wood for the biomass boilers Essex or through other concerns.
  • Controls on temperature – These boilers are able to regulate the heat within one degree. Use of fully automated control system helps in controlling the temperature and operating hours apart from the fuel.
  • Simultaneous use – Biomass boilers can be used along with solar thermal systems as these two technologies work together in good manners. Being energy efficient, the solar thermal panels generate hot water during hot seasons while the biomass boilers can be helpful when thermal panels do not generate enough heat.
  • Connection with existing system – Biomass boilers can easily slot in the system. Addition of a heat plate exchanger plate between the biomass boiler and the rest of the system may become necessary.
  • Smell, smoke or noise – Do not be afraid of these two things as biomass boilers do not smoke or smell. The fuel is burnt in closed areas. These boilers make no more or less noise as compared to the gas boilers.

These installations facilitated by biomass boilers Essex and such other prominent concerns are becoming more and more popular.

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