What You should Know about Documentation that may be Needed when Renting a Flat

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Renting a flat is a big decision for anyone, especially for those who are renting a flat for the first time or those who are renting the kind of flat that they have been dreaming of for some time. But whilst there are a number of obvious considerations when checking out a flat to rent (such as its available space, its fixtures and fittings, its accessibility and convenience, its safety, its neighbourhood, and more), you also have to be prepared to produce additional documentation when needed.

What you need to know is that a landlord takes a certain risk if they do not do a thorough check of a flat’s applicants – so you shouldn’t be surprised if the landlord (or their agent) does a background check or a credit check on you. Other than this, you may also be asked to present other forms of documentation, so it is always just best to be prepared to present these when necessary.

Renting a Flat

An employment letter

Any landlord or their representative would want to make sure that you have gainful means of employment, so an employment letter would be something that may come in handy. The employment letter will also prove to the landlord or their representative that you will be able to meet the payments or rent per month. The employment letter has more bearing if it is printed on your company’s letterhead, and it should also include confirmation that you work in that company and other facts such as your employment duration and your annual or monthly salary. The employment letter should also be signed by a company supervisor at the bottom.

It would also be a good idea to have a number of your pay slips or stubs handy, preferably the three most recent ones. This will simply corroborate the employment letter’s information.

Your tax returns

If you are not working for a company and are self-employed, then you may also want to prepare your tax returns, especially those for the past two years, as confirmation in place of your pay slips or stubs. Also, be prepared to answer questions on what you do and what your annual salary is.

A letter of recommendation

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you may also want to prepare some letters of recommendation or reference, especially from your previous landlord(s). Your prospective landlord may consider your application of greater importance if you include a letter of reference from a previous landlord as proof that you are a good tenant. If this is your first time to rent a flat, however, you can ask for recommendation letters from your past or present employer or even other people in the community who can attest to your good character, honesty, and sense of responsibility.

As you may have noticed, finding a prospective flat is just the first step – you may also have to deal with certain forms of documentation in order to make the entire process go more smoothly. But if you are well-prepared and have all your documents ready, then you are one big step closer to the flat of your dreams.

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