When to Call for Certified Arborists

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Trees support life by providing oxygen. It also sustains the wildlife. Through trees, soil stabilization and water conservation are possible. Without a doubt, trees are vital in the ecosystem in so many ways. Knowing this, it is crucial that you give it proper care and attention by hiring arborists or tree surgeons.

Arborists focus on the health of individual trees. In other words, they are responsible for the repair and maintenance of trees. There are many services an arborist offers. Here’s when to call one:

If you have trees extending to another property

Having trees around the house is good but if it is extending to another property, say your neighbors, it can be frustrating. The neighbors will complain too much especially if their fences are damaged. If you do not want this drama, you should call certified tree surgeons right away. They will keep the trees maintained and if there is a need to remove or trim some parts, they have the right equipment and gears.

If you have trees over your house
Having trees over your house is fun but it can be threatening once it falls down on your house.  Sometimes you try to handle the situation by yourself. You try to remove the trees on your own. In doing so, you could potentially injure yourself or the people around you. By calling tree surgeons, they will effectively think of a way to ensure that you are safe at the same time keep the trees healthy and maintained.

If you have trees extending to public areas
If the trees are extending to public areas, it can potentially affect the passersby. This is a question of safety. By calling tree surgeons, they will know which part to remove or trim so the public can be safe from any injuries caused by the tree.

If you think your trees are infected
If you think that your trees are infected, it needs professional help to confirm it. The tree surgeons will determine if it can be salvaged or beyond help. If it can be salvaged, the tree surgeons will help in bringing it back to health. If it is beyond repair, you need professional service to remove it.

Part of the process of tree removal is tree assessment and survey. Certified arborists do this. Before the process, you need to make sure that the tree service company is licensed with legitimate insurance. Do not forget to ask them for a written estimate of a specific service and find out how long it will take for them to do the services.

Aside from tree removal (also called tree felling), other services include deadwooding (removal of deadwood), crown reduction (reducing the size of the tree canopy), crown lifting (the removal of tree branches) and many more.

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