Why Buy a Mattress Topper?

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A mattress topper, also known as a mattress pad, underpad or mattress protector, is a removable item of bedding that encases or sits on top of a mattress and offers protection to the mattress. A mattress protector provides protection from irritants (mold, bed bugs, dust mites and particles of dead skin) and allergens. In terms of protecting the mattress, it is important to remember that although a mattress’ surface can be vacuumed free of dust, it is extremely difficult to remove most stains.

Unprotected mattresses are easily stained or permanently marked by spillages. Even body perspiration during sleep will seep straight through a normal bed sheet to produce the characteristic, brown tinged with yellow tidemark on the mattress’ surface at the point of absorbtion. As already explained, mattresses are also vulnerable to infestation by irritants and allergens.

As such, the use of a mattress topper makes imminent sense. The simplest topper for a mattress is a fitted sheet that is lightly quilted, although this provides little protection from allergens like dust mites. Waterproof mattress toppers maintain a mattress’ cleanliness by isolating it from body fluids such as sweat, or from accidental spillages like an upset early morning cup of tea or coffee; important as the majority of warranties for mattresses are voided if the mattress in question is stained.

The most common form of waterproof mattress topper is a rubberized, flat flannel pad. It is important to remember that plastic toppers can make a bed too hot to sleep on and often alter the comfortable feel of a mattress. An alternative to a conventional rubber coated topper is one made of urethane laminate-covered cotton with a high wicking rating. Such a mattress topper, especially if it has a thin laminate cover that isn’t stretched too tightly over a bed, won’t affect the feel of the mattress. Additionally, as the laminate is ‘breathable’ it won’t retain the heat from your body and become unbearably hot.

Mattress toppers help protect the health of the sleeper and the use of a topper is regularly recommended to those afflicted by, or susceptible to certain allergies, most usually an allergy to dust mites. The waste products produced by dust mites can irritate the lings and airways, which can cause asthma and other allergic reactions like eczema and other skin conditions in children.  Zippered cases can be regularly used to fully encase box springs and mattresses as a protection against bed bugs.

Waterproof mattress toppers reduce the ability for mold to develop in mattresses, which can further help to reduce allergy symptoms. Mattress toppers are also easily cleaned and disinfected and well worth considering for any bed.

With mattress toppers offering so much protection, it makes sense to considering buying some to protect your mattresses today.

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