Why Invest in Privacy Landscaping

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Privacy landscaping is favored by property owners that wish to turn their backyard into a quiet and secluded retreat. The elements involved in privacy landscaping include fences and walls to tall plants and shrubs. The landscaping practice is used by gardeners and landscape designers to help shield the private yard space from nosy neighbors and busy streets.

Here are some of the major elements used in privacy landscaping:

Trellises – A wooden, bamboo, or metal trellis can create a very attractive and effective screen for any area of the backyard. They are particularly helpful for shielding a sitting area like on the patio or deck, or even concealing the hot tub area. The addition of the climbing vines can significantly increase the appeal of the basic structure. Trellises can free stand when combined with a large planter or container. They can also be fixed to a wall or fence to offer a softer look in the backyard. Popular vines to grow on the trellis include morning glories, Dutchman’s pipe, honeysuckle and clematis.

Hedges – A tall hedge can offer a long-term border to conceal or section off a certain area of the backyard. A hedge is perfect to plant in front of an existing fence line to help create a softer or textured finish. A thick hedge, such as the sweet olive, red-tipped photinia, holly, boxwood, or ligustrum, can make a perfect choice to increase the level of privacy. Make sure to include the hedges that offer vibrant growth to offer the most attractive results.

Trees – Trees can make an attractive option for privacy landscaping. Trees come in different shapes and sizes. This can give the property owner many options to create the desired look. Popular trees to use as privacy screening include flowering dogwoods, Japanese maples and magnolias. Large plant life and trees often makes the most effective and attractive option for increasing privacy and cutting the neighborhood noises.

Berms – A berm is a man-made separation of two areas using a large wall or hill of sand or dirt. They are very effective at creating the attractive border between two areas. A berm built using dirt can have plants or trees grown on top to create the more natural landscape feature.

Whether it is a row of trees, a berm or trellis, the well-placed privacy screening is certain to help with making any yard that much more peaceful, comfortable and safe.

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