4 Ways to Turn Your Home Into an “Art-Friendly” Environment

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Are you finding yourself “in a rut” creatively? Wondering how to stoke the inspirational fire? One of the biggest things that will influence your artistic endeavors is the environment you place yourself in. Park West Gallery artist Marcus Glenn says that “as long as you are seeing color, you know you are alive.” Are you trying to create art in an environment that does not “create color” for you? Included here are a few ways to turn your home into an art-friendly environment.

Allow Yourself Space

Trying to create art in a crowded basement room is going to be tricky. If you have plenty of ideas flowing and the willpower to do it, it is possible; however, it is much easier to create in an area where you have space to move around and think. Make a room in your home that allows space and freedom of movement.

When practicing a musical instrument, it can help to leave your instrument out on a stand where it is accessible at all times. This will allow you to stop for a moment and play a quick song in between other daily tasks. The same idea applies to art, if you have room and easy access to creative expression, it can happen more easily. Try to keep a sketchbook in your pocket, or a camera, to capture ideas and inspiration when they occur.

Find Things that Inspire You

Filling your home with elements that inspire you can help you feel more motivated to create and get started on projects. Try to find artists who have done incredible works to place in your home, but make sure you won’t be overly intimidated by their prowess. You want to feel the jump to make your own artistic genius, not become overly critical of your own work.


Integrate Surprising Elements

One of the most important things to remember is that inspiration can strike you at any moment. This could mean while waiting in line at the grocery store, or at the dentist, or even, gasp, the DMV. Try to create surprising or clashing elements within your own home. These will be things that may seem a little off-color in comparison with the rest of the room, or things that give you pause. Remember, things that keep you thinking will keep you creating.

Give Yourself a Changing Environment

A room without windows is a never an ideal creative environment. Make your home change with the seasons, holidays and emotions. A desk with a view out into your changing seasonal landscape can help you feel inspired throughout the year.

Create a home that allows ideas throughout the flow of the decor. Give yourself a red room, a blue room and a green room. You can gain a sense of urgency, or calm, or connection to nature just by meandering through your home.

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