5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio for the Summer

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With more and more people abandoning expensive vacations and relaxing in the comfort of their own homes, there has never been a better time to spruce up your patio. With a few simple and relatively inexpensive improvements, you can make your back yard patio a thing of beauty. Here are five great ideas to get you started.

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#1. New Patio Furniture

There is no better way to spruce up your patio for the coming season than a new set of furniture. You will be surprised what a well-placed table and a luxurious set of patio chairs can do. With a few simple changes, you can enhance the look of your outdoor space and make your home look more elegant.

Upgrading your patio furniture is even more important if you plan to entertain guests at your home. No one wants to sit on an old lawn chair or wrestle with a lumpy cushion. New furniture will make all your guests feel right home and make your outdoor parties more fun.

#2. A Container Garden

If you love to garden, you can bring the beauty of nature right to your back yard. Container gardening is all the rage right now, and when you start your own you will understand why.

Container gardening requires less space than a traditional garden, and it is easy to get started. All you need are a few suitably sized containers, some seeds or young plants and your own green thumb. In no time at all, you will be enjoying a bumper crop of fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers.

#3. Solar Lighting

The right lighting will transform your patio from a daytime space to a 24-hour one. You do not have to run wires or spend thousands of dollars to bring light to your patio and make the space more accessible for your guests.

Solar lights are designed to store energy when the sun is shining and release it after darkness has fallen. Dusk-to-dawn solar lights come on automatically, so you do not have to do a thing to brighten up your back yard.

#4. A Hot Tub

There is nothing like coming home from a hard day at work and relaxing in your very own hot tub. Whether you choose an inexpensive two-person model or a hot tub that can seat the whole neighborhood, you can enjoy the spa experience any time you want.

Installing a hot tub may not cost as much as you think. If you shop around, you can find some great deals, especially if you can do the installation work yourself. No matter where you live or what type of home you own, a hot tub is truly an affordable luxury.

#5. An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to cook and entertain at home, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect enhancement to your patio. An outdoor kitchen combines the convenience of a gas grill with the storage capacity of a pantry. Once you have your outdoor kitchen stocked, you can make an entire meal – from appetizers to dessert – without ever going back inside.

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