5 Ways to Utilize the Attic Space

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Attic places have great charm in them. The location of this place gives warmth and comfort to the residents. Some people leave the attic as such and they do not get any benefit of this space. But you please do not ignore the attic and utilize it in different ways. Here I will describe how to utilize the attic space.

Make it a secret bedroom:

You can turn the attic place into secret bedroom by just exercising your creativity and imagination. What you need to do is to have a pitched ceiling and paint the walls and ceiling with different colors. At the entrance hang the beautiful curtains of linen fabric. Carpet the area to give cozy look. Place a small sized bed having some height. Brighten your secret bedroom with flush-mounted ceiling light. A small chandelier will look great either. Use the same stuff and color of curtain on windows as you have on the entrance. The bold colors are perfect choice because they catch the eyes immediately. Doing these simple things can give you an additional secret bedroom in your home.

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Make a playroom:

Utilize the attic space to have a wonderful play room for your kids. Add some furniture such as sofas and small plastic chairs. Place a wooden shelf to store all the toys and games in it. Decorate the walls with paintings or photos to canvas prints to make the environment colorful for the kids. An addition of a beautiful rug will give warmth and comfort to the kids while playing. Place the doll houses in one corner of the room and toys for male kids in other corner so that they can’t get jumbled with each other.

Convert attic into library or study room:

The best utilization of attic space is to convert it into library or study room. For this purpose you have to improve the lightening first. Add more lights on all sides. If you are making it as solo study rooms then add a study table, chair and fantastic lamp in the center of the room. Hang a chandelier above the table to give more light. For making it a library place a large book shelf with mirror covering. Arrange neatly the books inside. Also add two small tables and three chairs with each table to make a perfect small home library.

Attic as home cinema:

Your attic can become a cinema for you with little effort. Hang a LCD on front wall and carpet the floor. Place few chairs in two rows at some distance from the screen. Gat a small table and place popcorn jars on it. Fill them with popcorns when you are in mood to watch the movie in your home cinemas. A small rack to store all the CD’s and drives should be placed near the screen. You can add multiple photos of your favorite Hollywood heroes.

Attic as storage room:

To make a perfect storage you need to remove the access panel and framing. Just cut the stair opening and add the block. Check the roof leakages before placing storage racks. Then place the storing items in the racks.

These are the ways you can optimally utilize the attic space.

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