A guide to Bagless Vacuum cleaners

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There are numerous different bagless vacuum cleaners on the market and it can be time consuming and complicated to choose the right one for your needs. Outlined below are a number of key points to consider when you are thinking of buying a new bagless vacuum cleaner.


Power of the Suction

The power of bagless vacuum cleaners varies between models in the marketplace. Be aware that suction power is different to the wattage of the machine. Air watts is the gauge of suction power and determines the amount of power the machine converts into suction. High wattage and low air watts will equal an inefficient machine.


The dust has further to travel to reach the cylinder vacuum appliance than the upright equivalent and thus requires more suction power. A high powered bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner should have at least 220 air watts compared to a similar bagless upright cleaner which will comprise in the region of 100 air watts.

Capacity of the dust container

Before purchase, please determine the dust capacity you require and compare models. This will enable you to work out how often the cleaner needs emptying. A small dust capacity can be detrimental to people with allergies as they will be in contact with dust more frequently.

There is a great variation in dust capacity between models and manufacturers. A large bagless vacuum cleaner will usually have a bigger volume of dust capacity than a small lightweight equivalent.  The bagless cylinder models will not include such a large dust container as bagless upright models. It is probably sensible to choose an upright cleaner if you require a large volume of dust capacity.

Length of hose and electrical cord

Another consideration is the length of the hose and electrical cord. If you wish to vacuum your house without having to continually unplug and plug in your bagless vacuum cleaner because the cord is too short, look for a model which has a longer than standard cord. This will enable most staircases to be vacuumed without interruption and needing to transport your cleaner to the top of the stairs.

So, bear in mind that cylinder and small lightweight bagless vacuum cleaners will inevitably have only a standard cord and hose length.

Inclusion of turbo brushes

Turbo brushes were not usually included with cylinder vacuum cleaners as these were made specifically for properties with hard floor coverings. However, with the increasing popularity of cylinder cleaners in the United Kingdom, many models now include turbo brushes to enable efficient cleaning of carpets too. They are still excellent for hard floors and do not scratch or damage the surface. It is vital to check that turbo brushes are included when buying a cylinder bagless vacuum cleaner if your home is partially carpeted.

Appliances with HEPA filtration and Allergy UK approval

HEPA filtration is a system which traps particles of pollen, dust mite faeces and tiny pollutants in the bagless vacuum cleaner and ensures they are not transmitted back into the air.

It is essential to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration and/or Allergy UK endorsement if you have allergies to dust, mites and/or asthma. Allergy UK approval is now supplied with many bagless cylinder and bagless upright vacuum cleaners. Even more have HEPA filtration but are not Allergy UK authorised and these are usually less expensive.

Weight of the Cleaner

Weight may be an issue if you have trouble picking up and transporting your vacuum cleaner from room to room. Bear in mind that bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners are normally less heavy than their upright equivalents. However, in being more manageable, they are inevitably compact with a reduced amount of capacity in the dust holder and probably are supplied with shorter hose and electrical cord dimensions.

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