7 Smart Tips to Keep a Safe and Secure Garage

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Many people think about the security of their home often and there are a lot of simple measures people can take to keep a safe home. However, not everyone thinks about the security of garage while taking these safety measures.

Even though it is a commonly overlooked area of the home, the garage is a space that needs just as much, if not more attention than any other part of the house when it comes to safety. Every home owner can use these ideas to create a completely safe place to live. Here are seven smart tips to keep a safe and secure garage.

Extend the home security system

In some cases, a person’s home security system may not extend coverage for their garage. In these cases, it is a good idea to add extra coverage to make sure the garage is part of the ADT home security. This is still the best defense to help anyone protect their space.

Make a habit of locking doors

It is easy for many home owners to remember to lock the doors and windows of their home, but it is common for these same items to be forgotten in a person’s garage. Make it a similar habit to lock doors and windows of the garage itself and everything inside it. It is surprising how much less damage is done when people lock their car doors inside of their garage.

Reinforce windows

Windows are the most common area where burglars will break into the garage. It is a good idea, then, to reinforce windows to make sure they can hold up against any intruder. Replacing garage windows may seem excessive, but it is a great investment to improve overall security.

Create secure places for tools and other hazardous materials

There are a lot of things that are common in the garage that can be harmful to people who do not know how to use them properly, especially kids. It is important to find secure locations and storage for all of these items. Make sure any power tools or other potentially dangerous items are locked in a storage space.

Put some light on it

Lighting up the areas around the garage makes it a less desirable target for burglars. This is a simple tip that people can use anywhere around their house. Simply add some flood lights to give cameras a better view and ward off any intruders.

Invest in a more secure garage door

There are a lot of better automatic garage door options today that can be a lot safer for the home. Garage doors that use codes can be easily hacked today, so it is best to invest in an option that will be only accessible by the home owners.

Do not leave the door open whenever possible

Even though this may sound a little obvious, there are a lot of people who leave their garage doors open on a regular basis. Even if it is just for a short time, it can create issues that will lead to later break-ins.

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