8 Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know Could Be Fitted

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Getting a fitted kitchen is the ideal for many people. An entire room built around your needs and requirements and designed specifically to suit your habits is a dream that is definitely worth paying for. Traditional fitted kitchens are, indeed, something to covet however, with the many new items that can now be fitted they are even more worthy of your desire.

8 Kitchen Items You Didn't Know Could Be Fitted

Fitted Coffee Machines

Gone are the days of arguing with yourself over which item is more worthy of your counter space; coffee maker or microwave, toastie machine or electric frying pan. These days you can get a coffee make fitted right into your cupboards or walls freeing up space for whatever else you might like. Many models provide hot water at the touch of a button and so can double duties and provide instant tea and other drinks. Take it one step further and treat yourself to a high spec model and enjoy mornings even more with coffee ready made at your fingertips when you wake up.

Fitted Can Openers

From time to time you will have experienced the frustration that is trying to lay your hands on the right gadget at the right time. No matter how strict we are with the idea of ‘everything in its place’ invariably something will jump ship just at the exact moment that you require it. You can spare yourself this with the can opener by getting one built directly into your cabinetry or fitted onto the wall near the oven saving time and hassle at once.

Fitted Water Chillers

Water coolers take up space and have the unappealing quality of reminding you of work. A built in water cooler, however, is a small unit that is connected directly to your plumbing and ensures that fresh drinking water comes out icy cold every time. These can be housed inside cupboards or, ideally, built into the wall near the sink to allow for easiest access.

Fitted Sockets

Sockets are a bugbear in many homes as there never seems to be quite enough of them to go around. It is a fine balance between ensuring that enough sockets are available and compromising you surface areas by putting too many sockets in the way. Handily, you can now organise for hidden sockets to be built into your cabinetry which only become apparent when the spring is pressed. These are especially ideal for island units that may be home to temporary gadgets and items over permanent fixtures.

Fitted Corner Storage

Cabinet corners are generally relegated as useless but this needn’t be the case. Purchasing corner racks is also unnecessary as now this space can be used in a variety of ways. From pull-out baskets to small drawer and interlocking small cabinets that slide out or revolve, make use of every inch of available space and take control of your kitchen with added space for organising and storage.

Fitted Spice Racks

Built in spice racks are an absolute must for adventurous cooks and you will be amazed by some of the options available. The simplest choice is to have a spice rack built into the inside of a cupboard keeping your many small bottles out of the way. However, if you’d rather show off your ever-expanding array of herbs and spices then there are a number of options that easily marry function and design. Dispensers built into the wall and magnetised small boxes on shined metal plating make your favourites easy to reach while ensuring that you don’t have to compromise aesthetically.

Fitted Waste Bins

Waste bins are often one of those things that no one really thinks about when designing a kitchen and, inevitably, you end up with traditional free-standing bins up against the wall or in the corner. In this day and age where recycling is so very important this can mean several receptacles in varying sizes to suit all your needs. It is possible, however to hide these away without resorting to over the cupboard hooks and a small bin bag under the sink. Fitted waste bins are available in a variety of forms but work best as a storage cupboard or drawer. Drawer bins can be pulled out and made to contain several compartments to allow for recycling categories and compost and are easy to keep clean as they are self contained.

Fitted Draining Boards

Draining boards perform an important function in any kitchen but it is possible to completely remove yourself from the traditional steel or plastic attached to the sink and go for a more sleek version. Built in draining boards are grooves placed directly into the work surface at a slight taper so all run off goes directly into the sink. This opens up the opportunity for a variety of sink options such as built in marble, dropped Irish or bowl sinks. If you are going to go to the time and expense of choosing a fitted kitchen for yourself make sure that you plan every last detail in order that it 100% suits your taste and your lifestyle. It is clear that there are many more options for fitting than ever before so it is easy to ensure that your new kitchen fits itself, fits you and fits your life.

This guest post was contributed by Kit Stone; UK suppliers of made kitchens, interiors and garden furniture.

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