A Modern Home Needs a Modern Electric Garage Door Opener

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Automatic garage door openers first appeared on the scene in the 1920s, and ever since then their use has grown more widespread around the world with each passing decade. As with every advance in technology, electric garage doors began as an expensive luxury and then became fashionable and affordable for ordinary folk, too. They might have once been a novelty, but today act as a convenient way of getting into and out of your home. That this convenience also brings with it a fair amount of increased safety and security of your home is a big plus.

Some people, though, are still quite stubborn about giving up the old ways even if the advantages of automating the process outweigh all other considerations.

As a modern homeowner, you may already possess an electric garage door and be quite satisfied with it. Or, perhaps you’re one of those stubborn people who have to be well and truly convinced that it’s the right investment in your home to make. Once you read more about the many positive aspects of automating your garage door’s opening and closing mechanism, it’s a fair bet you’ll want one for yourself if you’re currently lacking one.

Electric Garage Door


By far the easiest justification for automating your garage door, the convenience of an automatic electric garage door opener cannot be overstated. Who wants to get out of their car on a cold, rainy night, unlock and lift up the door, and then venture back to close it? You’d have to be pretty adventurous to want to do such a thing. On the other hand, with a key fob or credit card-sized remote in your hand, as you drive up you need only press a button. Half a second or so later, the door begins to rise. You pull in, turn off the card, and as you enter your home, press the button once more to close it. It’s that easy.

It works much the same way when you’re leaving your home, too. You can open an electric garage door prior to jumping in your car, back or drive out, and then press a button to close it. There’s no need to expose yourself to the elements any more than necessary, and your vehicle is also spared the indignity of getting wet – or exposure to cold weather – as you leave one door open (your car’s) to close another (the garage).

Energy Efficiency

This isn’t necessarily a benefit, but you may be glad to know that by installing an electric door, you’re not making your carbon footprint any larger. The amount of energy it takes to electrically open and close a garage door over the course of the month is probably much less than that used by the average television viewer in a day. The average garage door will take about fifteen seconds to open though of course that will vary depending on the size. The important thing to remember is that when the door isn’t being used, it’s not using or wasting much in the way of energy.

So, as you can see, the argument that not having an electric door is helpful to the environment is a very weak one. If you’re still not convinced, think about it this way: You have to leave your car running when you step out to open or close the door. This results in excess exhaust fumes spewing from your vehicle, much to the detriment of the environment. On the other hand, you can activate an electric garage door as you arrive, and turn off your vehicle at the same moment you close the garage door automatically. That’s doing Mother Nature a favour!

Safety and Security

A manually-operated garage door is, quite frankly, not a very secure door. In all likelihood, all you need to get it open is a key. If someone gets their hands on it and knows where you live, you could be exposing your home, your belongings and family members to unwanted intruders. With an electric door, you can observe your surroundings as you pull up to check if it is safe to open. As soon as you pull in, you can close it within seconds. Since you have the remote control in your possession at all times, you control the access.

Some of the more advanced automated garage doors also come with security code access. This is useful if guests are staying with you, or you have children who need to get in, but who don’t have access to the remote. As long as you are careful about with whom you share the security code, your garage will remain secure. If you’re particularly forgetful, you might also want to look into the possibility of installing an electric door opener that closes automatically once it detects you’ve pulled out of the garage. The benefits of this almost go without saying!

Versatility of Installation

If you’re currently the proud owner of a manually-operated garage door, you might think the design you’ve chosen prevents you from installing an electric opener. The opposite is very much the case since nearly every electric garage door manufacturer has products that can be fit to any door design. No garage door is too old or too small. It also doesn’t matter what material your door is made of. An electric opener is as well-suited to timber as it is to plastic or fibreglass. If it’s security you’re really worried about, electric openers work very well with rolling doors and sectionals.

What works for the oldest doors, of course, works for the newest ones as well. For the many reasons listed above (security, convenience, energy efficiency, and so on), installing a new garage door with an electric opener is the best option. It doesn’t cost a significant extra amount to install a remote control activated automatic garage door opener in your new home. As stated before, it works with every style and material of door imaginable, so you really have no excuse for not letting the experts convince you to use an electric door.

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