A Shower Base Kit Makes Tile Shower Installation Quick And Easy

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Shower Base Kit

Have you dreamed of remodeling your outdated shower, but thought that installation would be too difficult to do yourself? Is so, you do not have to only dream of that updated bathroom because the tile shower kits make installation of a new tile shower quick and easy. You used to have to call in a professional contractor if you wanted to change your old tub or shower into a luxury tile shower, but those days are long gone. Today, there is no need to call in the professionals because the tile shower kits include everything you need to ensure that your tile shower is secure and waterproof.

What is a Shower Pan Kit?

If you are installing a tile shower in your bathroom, it is important to understand that the tiles are not waterproof. The water will actually seep through the tiles and the grout between the tiles, which without some method of capturing this water could cause water damage to your home.The solution is to add a shower pan to the floor of the tile shower to help catch the water and redirect it down the drain. The shower pan is a type of liner that is placed directly under the tiles on the shower floor. This liner, or membrane as it is sometime referred to, is slightly sloped to redirect water to the drain hole within the liner. The shower pan includes sidewalls that prevent any water from going over the sides of the shower floor. When you purchase a tub to shower conversion kit everything you need to design the shower pan is included in the kits.

Using Tub Replacement Shower Kits Make Installation Quick

Typically installing a tile shower in your bathroom requires complex masonry work, which usually has to be done by a professional. Even if you tried to complete the work yourself, it is quite messy and if done incorrectly could cause severe water damage to your home. However, the tile shower kits now allow anyone to install their own tile shower without the mess or risk of damage. The shower pan kit comes with everything you need for installation, including the sloped floor, sidewalls, drain hole, and easy-to-follow instructions. The first step is to glue the base in place and then cover it with a specially-designed waterproof liner. The drain is added and then the shower is ready to be tiled.

Make your dream bathroom become a reality with the help of a tub to shower conversion kit. You do not need to have any special construction or masonry skills to complete the installation of a new tile shower yourself. These tile shower kits are the same ones used by the professionals and work for any size or shape of shower. Custom shower kits are also available for those with odd-shaped showers. Using a shower base kit will help you avoid any damaging mistakes and guarantee that your shower will be waterproof and mold free.

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