Antique fireplace, when ancient meets modern

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Having a fireplace in your home is a way of improving both the aesthetics of the space and the way you heat your house or apartment. Though many consider a fireplace to be just a trifle for those with wealth, on the long run, using a fireplace to warm your home turns out to be very efficient. After all, people have been using it as a source of heat for centuries.

But when it comes to fireplaces, they can also represent the perfect combination of old and new. Old functionality for modern needs.Old design for modern homes. And when it comes to the era we live in and all the interior décor styles humanity has gone through, we can make the most of old knowledge and bring it up to date through new functionality. This is where antique fireplaces make a stand.

Experience and elegance, Thornhill Galleries’ antique fireplaces

Not many companies have been through so much history such as the Thornhill Galleries. This family owned business has been designing and manufacturing mantels, firegates, firebacks and more for generations. Their collection of antique fireplaces is renowned all over the UK and outside its borders. Their fireplaces have been making their way into people’s homes and offices to bring them warmth and style altogether. And when it comes to blending old and new with style, nothing can compare to these outstanding, beautifully crafted antique fireplaces.

A modern home isn’t necessarily one that has a modern interior design, it is one which elegantly makes the most use of classic and new. And with a fireplace crafted in an ancient style, you can obtain that eye catching look for your space. And it’s not out dated or old fashioned. It represents extravagance and luxury.

Combining the courtyard fashion with the modern needs, the Victorian fireplaces capture the royal charm and brings it into your home. While with a Regency fireplace you can turn straight, simple lines into complex geometry for your home’s interior design style. Just place an antique fireplace in the room and let it inspire the whole décor of your home. You can mix and match various elements and bring a classic vibe, sprinkled with modern details to create a space as unique as yourself.

Antique doesn’t mean out dated. It can represent a new take on old style. Combining elements and making wise combinations can transform the living space of any home. Even an office space can turn out to be more luxurious when you bring a bit of classic vibe in it. And one way of doing that is by having an antique fireplace set in a room. Its functionality, design and grandiosity can work magic to the visual aspect of the place.

So don’t be afraid of blending old with new. There is a reason some things last over decades. When it comes to antique fireplaces, they owe their longevity to their majestic aspect and their efficiency of bringing warmth to a space. Be it visual or actual heat. Some things are timeless and they will transcend the test of style for many years to come. Reproduction fireplaces are one of them. And the best example is given by Thornhill Galleries and their history of designing and manufacturing outstanding ones.

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