Benefits of Adding a Conservatory Extension to a House

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Whether you’re renovating an older home to put it on the market or you need more space for a growing family, adding an extension to your house can provide the room that you need. When you decide on adding an extension, you need to determine which type to have built. Adding a conservatory onto your home has many benefits, including those listed here.

Provides Additional Living Space

There are several ways in which a conservatory can be used. It can be made into a bedroom if you need space for an expanding family. A conservatory makes for a nice space to use as a dining room, especially if it is built right off the kitchen, or you can make it into an office so that you have a private workspace to manage your household. It can also be your private sanctuary where you can relax at night with a glass of wine or read before going to bed.

Brings in Natural Light

If you have an older house with smaller single windows, adding a conservatory onto your home will allow you to bring in more natural light. Not only will it allow you to lighten up dark spaces in the house but natural light helps to elevate moods. If it is located near the living room or kitchen, then having natural light pour into the house can help save on energy costs as you won’t need to use artificial lighting during the day.

Adds Value to House

Any type of extension on a smaller home can add value to it but conservatories help to attract buyers if you’re selling your house. Along with expanding the size of your house, bringing in natural light appeals to many people.

In addition, if the conservatory has a great view of the garden or the surrounding countryside, then people will view it as a great place to relax or spend time with the family. In monetary terms, conservatory extensions in Yorkshire can add up to 7% to the value of a home.

Variety of Designs

When you choose to add a conservatory to your house, you can select from a variety of designs or have one customised for your needs. Depending on the age of your house, the conservatory can be designed to match the architecture. They are available in architectural styles such as Victorian, lantern, lean-to, gable, or Edwardian.

A bespoke conservatory extension can be customised for your house and to fit your needs instead of being a standard style.

Directional Considerations

When you decide on having a conservatory extension put on your house, you will need to decide which direction it should face. Of course, the direction that your house faces will have some bearing on the direction in which it is built.

If you have a choice, an east- or west-facing conservatory will be more pleasant as it will either get the morning or evening sun. This ensures that it won’t be overly hot in the summer or too cold to enjoy in the winter.

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