Appliances that Eat Up the Most Energy

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It’s tough to look anywhere in your home without seeing something that uses energy. Dishwashers demand a substantial amount of electricity, to say nothing of the gallons of water, hot water heaters need gas to function, overhead lights can’t shine without electricity, and some appliances require vast amounts of energy just to stay running. Here is a list of some household appliances that use the most energy for the work they perform.

Modern Kitchen


While you may take for granted all of the work your refrigerator does to keep your food cold, it’s important to remember that every passing moment is a chance for it to use more energy. It is one of the biggest culprits for energy used in households in the United States, and can place a large strain on the electrical bill. Turning up the temperature can help, but it still sucks in an enormous amount of power.

Washer and Dryer

While not every household has these appliances, the ones that do are sure to see a large spike in their utility bill every month. Individually, these appliances consume a large amount of energy; together, though, they amount to more energy used than the refrigerator. This combination utilizes on average 2000 kilowatt-hours annually, and can be the cause of a yearly cost that rivals or exceeds that of the refrigerator.

Oven and Range

This is entirely dependent on the amount of time a family or individual spends cooking with their range or oven, but this combination still amounts for a large amount of energy used. On average, 700 kilowatt-hours per year are used to provide for an American household, making this pair of appliances one of the biggest contributors to an energy bill.

Water Heater

This is another appliance that largely goes unnoticed due to its being turned on all of the time. To heat 40 gallons of water, and to continue to work every day for a full calendar year, the average hot water heater must use over 4000 kilowatt-hours annually. Of course, the temperature on this appliance can be lowered and raised seasonally to further conserve energy, but it amounts to one of the most costly appliances in the average household. On the other side, here are a few appliances that use the least amount of energy:


Even more energy-efficient than a personal desktop computer, a laptop barely consumes any energy when in use, and takes up even less when it is in a sleep or hibernate mode. And since laptops are not generally used constantly over a 24-hour period, these are not usually responsible for high utility bills.


While generally thought to be a large culprit in energy consumption, televisions barely top 0.5 kilowatts per hour. While leaving a television on while unattended is wasteful, it isn’t the reason you may be paying a lot on the electric bill.

Coffee Maker

This is a great appliance since its energy usage can be measured easily per usage. One pot of brewed coffee generally takes less than one fifth of a kilowatt. Even if this is used every day, it’s certainly not an appliance that will put a dent in your wallet.

Household Energy Use

While you may not expect it, some appliances can play a huge role in the amount of money you’re spending on energy each month. This list shows you the most costly appliances, and can give you a few ideas on how to save energy and keep some extra money in your pocket.

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