Are these the most outrageous garages in the world?

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Garages have become some of the most decorated accessories of homes across the world with many rich families using them to store multiple cars, create cinema rooms and show off their wealth. But what do the best domestic garages in the world look like.

Concrete garage specialists Dencroft, who deal mainly with domestic single or double garages in the UK, got thinking and have compiled a list of the craziest and most outlandish garages in the world, with size and aesthetic design often on the grandest of scales.

14801 Goodrich Creek Lane, Baker City, in the USA has a 12 car parking facility. The house itself to which the garage is attached is a “log home” but most impressive about the garage is that it has a climate controlled showroom, plus a woodworking shop and a 1,500-square foot guest suite.

31632 Trigo Trail, Coto De Caza, also in the USA boasts an impressive 8500 sq feet garage, which has a showroom of up to 20 cars, including some of the best classic cars in the world.

Other famous garages include the Santa Barbara white with glass design that has become known as Montecito’s modernistic Glass Pavilion. The design has space for 32 cars as well as being an art gallery full of expensive art work, taking the total complete value of the garage to over $60million.

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Although New York is synonymous with skyscrapers and underground car parks, one flat in the area has an en-suite garage, next to their apartment, ten stories up. More impressive however, or less so if you are scared of heights, is that the garage is completely glass and to get up and down you use an elevator system.

Streets in Japan and Tokyo have multi-storey garages, famous for appearing on films such as Tokyo Drift and many homes in the UK have triple or even quadruple garages that have been converted into separate living quarters. Potentially the greatest garage in the UK however belongs to BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans who has some of the most expensive classic cars in the world in his garage. His glass design allows everyone to see his pride and joy, his Ferrari collection, but he also has moveable floors and a wide magnitude of other classic cars in his garage, including the unique one-off car from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He also reportedly bought a Ferrari 250 GTO for a staggering £12 million in 2010 to put in his garage, after attending an auction where he wanted to just buy a poster of the car.

Whilst these garages feature some of the largest collections of cars or greatest technological advances and are only pipedreams to many millions of people , you can still improve your garage by taking advantage of great space saving options, so that you can also make your garage a bit more appealing.  Whether it is for storage, housing the car or for even converting into another room, these garage show how a bit of imagination and a purpose you can create spaces that are not only great looking, but more usable too. More information about great garage solutions can be found right here.

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