Avoiding Back Issues at Home

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Maintaining the health of your back is extremely important for a happy and healthy life. But it is not always easy if you live in a modern home. From groceries stored on high shelves to misshapen mattresses that leave your back feeling contorted, there are many factors in your home that may contribute to poor spinal health. If you are looking to keep a straight spine and a healthy life, here are some ways you can avoid back problems as you spend time in your own home.

Back Pain while Moving Lawn

Store Things Lower

One of the largest contributors to poor back health is the overextension of the spine from reaching for objects in hard-to-reach places. As you stretch your spine upwards, you put your vertebrae in an unnecessarily compromised position that can lead to severe damage. Instead of using your highest shelves, consider storing everything you own a bit closer to the ground for ease of use. You may be required to find more shelving, but you will be safer and more comfortable as you easily grab what you need without overextending your reach.

Don’t Lounge on the Couch

It’s very easy to slouch or lie comfortably on the couch when relaxing at home, but doing this isn’t exactly contributing to the health of your spine. The more often you put your posture in a contorted position, the quicker you develop problems like slipped discs. Each time you relax on the couch or on a love seat, make sure to sit upright or lie down fully with a pillow to support your neck. While it may take some time to get used to, putting your body in these solid positions will help maintain the structural integrity and health of your neck and spine.

Pick Things Up Carefully

From heavy laundry baskets full of clothes to boxes full of toys, there are countless objects at home that you must pick up off the ground at a moment’s notice. But each time you do this incorrectly you put yourself at risk of straining a muscle in your back or experiencing an extremely painful slipped disc. As you go about picking up objects in your house, make sure to do this in the proper fashion. While it might be tempting to bend from your waist and grab, try to take the time to squat down to pick up the load. You will put most of the extra stress on your legs, saving your back any pain and problems.

Rest if Need Be

Remember, if you do experience any back problems while at home, be sure to take the proper amount of rest before trying to engage in any physical activity again. See a doctor if necessary, and spend your recovery time planning a way in which you can eliminate any stressors in your home that potentially contribute to the poor health of your back.

Protect Your Back

Remember that your back is one of the most important structures on your entire body. Use these tips to avoid back problems at home and to maintain a healthy spine for the rest of your life.

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