Knowing When to Get Your AC Repaired

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When the summer heat is at its worst, having your air conditioner shut down can be a real hassle. It is important to focus on proper maintenance of an air conditioner to prevent serious issues. However, when a system just isn’t pumping out cold air or it isn’t turning on, calling a professional may be the only option you have. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you determine if you can repair your air conditioner, or if you need to hire a professional.


Check the Power Source

Before you start to panic, make sure the breaker is turned on. Having too many appliances on can easily trip the circuit, which could turn off the air conditioner. Make sure the system has power coming to it before you try the other steps to test your system. Faulty wiring is often to blame for many unexpected air conditioner shut-downs. If you turn on the circuit breaker and your system starts to work again, you know that you have a problem with faulty wiring. Professionals can re-wire the home so the air conditioner is not attached to a power source that does not produce proper power or can reroute the wiring away from an easily-overloaded circuit.

Refrigerant Leaks

Do you feel like your system just isn’t running cold enough? Your unit might be low on refrigerant, or it could have a refrigerant leak. A professional will need to locate the leak and repair it. He or she will need to recharge the system with new refrigerant. The system must match the manufacturer’s specifications for charging, which is why it is so important to have a professional do the job. He or she will make sure your system is running efficiently and effectively.

Fan Not Blowing

When you turn on the system, the fan will automatically start blowing. This fan will transfer the heat from your home outside. If your fan is not blowing at all, there is a problem with the compressor. Most people find that their system has simply overheated and is not able to stay turned on. A professional will need to make sure there is not a safety concern or damage to the compressor. Replacing an entire compressor can be pretty expensive, and could mean it’s time to get a new air conditioner.

Sensor Problems

There can be problems with the thermostat when you have a sensor that has been moved. The air conditioner might not cool effectively, or it can have problems turning on. The sensor needs to be replaced or adjusted to prevent such problems from occurring.

Frozen Coil

When you run your system at a colder temperature, it can place a lot of stress on the air conditioner. It is constantly running, making it hard for the system to keep up, which can lead to freezing of the inside cells. You also need to look at dirty air filters and blocked air return problems as they too cause problems with the coil freezing. Drainage problems will also cause freezing concerns.


Failure to have your system properly maintained will lead to problems. A dirty air filter places more stress on the air conditioner, making it work harder. You must have a professional service your system to check the compressor and fans to make sure they are clean and working correctly.

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