Maintaining Your Siding

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New siding might look nice once installed, but it can experience wear and tear over the years. There are several tips and tricks you can use to take care of your home’s siding. Many homeowners are reluctant to update this part of the home and will leave it be. This can be a poor mistake to make and one that can have short- and long-term consequences. The consequences begin with the regular chipping and wearing of the siding, while long-term effects include mold and fungi. Here are some methods to maintain your siding in a manner that is straightforward and affordable.

Home Repair

Thorough Cleaning

The siding should be taken off and power washed to remove any accumulated mess that can reside on sidings. Carefully inspect the siding on its front and back, removing any dirt or mold that might have made its way on. Before moving onto the next step in the maintenance process, it is critical to complete this washing process thoroughly. Focus on the main parts of the sidings, and clean them with concise, sharp strokes. Corrosion is one of the main concerns associated with aluminum siding. If you have this kind of siding, it is important to paint it to ensure the siding does not corrode.


If you take a glance at your siding, you will notice signs of fading. The only solution to this problem is to paint over the siding and make it look brand new. There are several paint choices on the market that will look great on your home. Choose a color that complements your house’s style and the aesthetics of the neighborhood. The siding should be coated with primer before paint is applied. Primer is a necessary step in the process; it will hold the paint together and give it a great finish. This is a job that requires patience and meticulous attention to detail. Let the siding air dry for a while before picking it up for painting purposes. Rushing and forcing the paint onto the wet primer will only lead to negative results that will be difficult to rectify. Get it right the first time, and be patient throughout the process. Now begin the painting process. Take a relaxed approach to painting, and use long, simple strokes. If done correctly, your newly-painted siding will last for several years before the entire process has to be repeated. Painting is often difficult only because homeowners are not willing to wait. The paint will often start to tarnish, and the result can be ghastly!

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