Beds And Linen – An Overview On Beds And Bed Linen

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Historically, people would lie on anything that allowed them to remain prone in a reasonably comfortable position for a few hours. Bedding materials consisted of straw, corn shucks and other relatively soft materials bound together in a bag of some sort. Pillows were often either non-existent or an individual could use a stone or rolled up cloth to elevate the head during sleep. Just like everything else though, technology has come along and has improved the material, manufacture and distribution of bedding materials that provide a more restful and healthy sleep cycle. Nowadays bed linen and beds including mattresses are available at bedding Montreal, Canada stores to bedding stores in Sydney, Australia in an astonishing variety.

Although mattresses are the primary components to a restful and luxurious sleep, linens have long been a needed component that cannot be overlooked. Fitted and flat sheets, pillows and their cases, and ruffles that serve as decorations to a properly prepared bed are made from a variety of fabrics that enhance both their look and utility. This article provides a glimpse of the products that are available in bedding stores from stores in Sydney, Australia to stores with bedding Montreal, Canada and the way they can be used to produce both fashion and comfort.

Beds And Linen

Fashion may not be the priority when it comes to the restful utility of a bed, but a well laid out bed can promote an individual’s sense of style as well as any other accessory in the house. Many have taken to using shams (decorative pillows) which add color and texture to a bed or couch. These small pillows can be constructed from a variety of fabrics and they come in many shapes and sizes. Shams are especially useful when accents are needed in a room. Besides shams on top of the coverlets, ruffles or bed skirts enhance the bed’s style from the bottom of the mattress to the floor. The skirt is generally ruffled or pleated to provide a more pleasing textural difference and it extends to the floor so that the box springs and underside of the bed are covered. Shams and bed skirts are generally matched in some way so that they enhance the color pallet of the rest of the room.

Bed accessories may make a bed ensemble look better, but they do nothing for the actual feel; that is left for the linens that the individual actually comes in contact with as they sleep. A properly made up bed consists of a fitted sheet that covers the mattress, a flat sheet that lies between the sleeper and the cover, and pillowcases that protect the pillows and add a measure of comfort. Although a bed can be made up in any way that is deemed comfortable for the individual sleeper, this has become the accepted configuration.

The sheets and pillowcases can be made from a variety of fabrics that are selected for comfort and durability. Cotton is the fabric used most often because it is plentiful and relatively inexpensive. The fabric rises in expense due to different weaves and the amount of thread used. Thread count is the method most people use to tell the quality of the weave and its expense because a higher thread count provides greater comfort and a longer life for the fabric. The count will run between 200 and 1200 threads per inch with the cost of the fabric growing exponentially with the highest thread counts. The price in bedding stores is so much higher for the greater thread counts due to the difficulty of the manufacture of the cloth. However, most people also realize the increased comfort in the higher thread counts also. Silk, satin and a variety of synthetic fabrics are also used in the manufacture of linens and some of these fabrics produce greater comfort and will often be much more expensive than even the highest thread count cotton linens. The drawback to these fabrics is that they do not have the durability of cotton.

Whatever fabric linens are made from and whatever the configuration of the components an individual uses to make up their bed, or whichever part of the world from bedding Montreal, Canada to bedding Sydney Australia, the most important consideration is comfort. If satin sheets provide a better night’s sleep, it could be worth the expense to procure some. Sleep is the most important ingredient because without its restful bliss life is stressful. Choosing the right linens is as important as any other ingredient in gaining the best night’s rest possible.

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