Timber and PVC Sliding Sash Windows – An Attractive Solution

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Replacing your old windows can be daunting. New windows are rarely cheap, and if you live in a period home, there is always a worry that new windows will detract from your property’s charm.

However new windows are now available in a wide range of models, including the traditional sash design. Made from wood or PVC, these windows can be the perfect solution for retaining character and insulating your home.

Why retain your sash windows?

There’s no denying that sash windows look great, elegant and traditional, they give your home optimum curb appeal and period charm.

The basic design of sash windows hasn’t changed for centuries, and in some houses it can feel like your rickety, single glazed windows have been around for centuries too.

Replacing your old windows will make a huge difference to the insulation of your home, keeping sound out and heat it, and by using new timber or PVC sliding sash windows you’ll be able to keep your house looking great as well.

Old windows

Old windows let in noise and let out heat

Will PVC look as good as wood?

When it comes to traditional features, there is always a fear that replacing timber for plastic simply won’t look as good.

While this can be true if you go for the most basic PVC windows, PVC sash sliding windows can still look fantastic, and they’ll last for years and years too.

Will it suit my house?

If you’ve got a house full of period features, you may be worried that new windows will stand out like a saw thumb.

Again, this may be the case if you opt for basic windows, or choose a company with poor workmanship. But if you look for a company with a proven track record in new sliding sash windows, your house will soon look as good as the day it was built.

Some of the best installers will actually match the details in the windows to suit the period of your home, for example Georgian bar detail can be used to replicate the original timber windows, so from the street, it will fit in perfectly.

A good window fitting company should also be able to provide you with detailed plans and architect’s drawings of how your house will look when the work is done. Putting your mind at ease about the intended results.

How long do new windows last for?

The lifespan of sash windows will vary depending on the elements that they are exposed to, and the regularity of the maintenance that’s carried out.

With a bit of care and attention, there’s no reason that your windows shouldn’t last 30 years or more, especially if they’re well maintained and not too exposed.

So once you’ve invested in a new set of sliding sash windows, you won’t have to worry about it again for years.

new windows

It’s worth splashing out to get the best new windows you can afford


Are new sash windows expensive?

There’s no getting away form the fact that initially, new sash windows are more expensive that basic double-glazed windows.

However, good quality windows are worth their weight in gold, and this is definitely one area of home maintenance that shouldn’t be scrimped on.

Retaining the exterior appearance of your home can also save you money in the long run, especially when you come to sell it. Buyers love period features, and sash windows are right at the top of the list.

If you’re considering replacing the double glazed windows on your home, choosing PVC or timber sliding sash windows will guarantee a great result. Your home will feel warm, retain its period charm and most importantly, look fantastic.

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