How to Save Money on the Cost of a New Fitted Kitchen

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Out of all of the rooms in a home the kitchen is one of the most important. It is here that food is prepared, and often eaten, and for keen cooks it is a place they spend a lot of time in. Fitted kitchens are the most popular type in the UK but they can be very pricey. If you want a new fitted kitchen but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it, here are some ideas on how to save money on yours.


A sparkling new kitchen can look sensational

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Fit it yourself

In most cases the cost of the units for a new fitted kitchen are not very expensive. What does bump up the overall price is the fitting. This can sometimes be the same amount as the units themselves, which is very frustrating for a lot of people. To save money you can fit the kitchen yourself – but be warned, this is not a very easy task and you need to have some decent DIY skills.

If there is no way you can fit your own kitchen, see if you can find a local handyman or carpenter who can fit it for you. You should expect to pay much less than getting the kitchen unit provider to use their own tradesmen and you will have exactly the same result.

Buy from the manufacturer

For some really attractive savings you can buy your kitchen straight from the manufacturer. Buying like this can drastically reduce the price that you would have to pay in-store. The choice on offer is exactly the same as you would expect to find on the high street and in many cases you can even buy online. The only small issue with this option is that you will have to arrange to have the units fitted, unless you have the skills to do this yourself.

Shop around and make use of sales

At the end of the season you can expect to find some incredible bargains on fitted kitchens so making the most of the sales can save plenty of pounds. Here you can grab yourself a great deal and still have a kitchen that is on trend for many years to come. Don’t be afraid to compare the prices between larger retailers and walk away if you know you can get what you want from somewhere else.

Try to use existing appliances

The cost of a new fitted kitchen can rocket if you are buying new appliances at the same time. Try and keep what you have to save more money, or only replace those which look worn and old. You might also want to see if you can integrate your appliances if they don’t look too great as hiding the front of a washer behind a door can give the whole room an instant facelift.

Keep the sink and oven in the same position

When you are having to add the cost of moving plumbing and power points around you are adding serious pounds to the cost of your kitchen. While the salesperson you are speaking to will tell you it’s a good idea they tend to be talking from a business rather than practical viewpoint. Only move these around if you cannot cope with having them in the current position – if the kitchen was badly laid out for example. Otherwise keep everything as it is and keep your money in your pocket.


These ways of saving money on the cost of a new fitted kitchen can be used by anyone and if you can combine more than one you will save even more. Never take on a project that you feel you can’t handle and make sure that you measure up your kitchen correctly before placing your order for a hassle-free experience.

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